The Best Recipes to Try During Pomegranate Season

Katie Sweeney

While it may not be as beloved and well known as the berries of summer, winter’s star fruit is the pomegranate. This large, globular red tree-grown fruit is in season late October through February. The skin is inedible, but the jewel-like seeds burst with juice when you pop them in your mouth. Since the seeds are clustered within a pomegranate’s membranes, they are somewhat difficult to remove cleanly. The bright red juice will get everywhere, so be sure to wear an apron when you’re removing the seeds. Once you know how to remove the seeds, you’ll be ready to cook with the ruby-colored fruit. Wondering what to make with it? Here are 13 recipes, from desserts to salads to cocktails, to inspire your exploration of pomegranates.

For a wintry take on the classic drink, stir up a batch of this pomegranate sangria. If you’re considering serving it during the holiday season, use a bottle of sparkling red wine (instead of still red) to make it festive.

Halloumi is a soft Greek cheese ideal for cooking on a grill. This recipe combines the warm, salty cheese with a crisp and fruity fennel, pomegranate, and pistachio salsa. Delish!

Classic white cake gets a modern makeover with the addition of crunchy pomegranate seeds. They’re sprinkled in between layers, adding a burst of flavor and surprising texture. 


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Pomegranate molasses is pomegranate juice that has been reduced down to a super-flavorful, thick syrup. Sometimes sugar is added, but it's not always necessary. In this recipe, it imparts a meaty, rich taste to quick-cooking lamb lollipops

What grows together goes together is a cooking-associated phrase associated that can be applied to this cocktail recipe. Pomegranates and clementines are both winter fruits, so they will meld perfectly to make a refreshing sparkling beverage.

Another flavor pairing that works well? Chocolate and pomegranate, as seen in this beyond-delicious-looking brownie chocolate mousse cake.

Ready for a fall detox? Add this hearty and satisfying raw kale salad to your diet. It’s wildly colorful, which will trick your brain into feeling fuller.

The flavors of pomegranate and mint are a match made in heaven. Why not enjoy the duo’s luster by making a decadent and romantic dinner at home?

This salad made of unusual ingredients is one of the most beautiful green dishes I’ve ever seen. Bonus: It’s also super scrumptious. 

Sometimes the best salads aren’t edited—the ones where many ingredients are tossed haphazardly into a bowl together. The resulting meal seems like it took minutes to prepare and is always exciting, as each bite is packed with different flavors and textures. 

This salad is a tangle of riotous herbs, pomegranate seeds, celery, and fennel. It makes a cool and crisp counterpoint to a hearty roast.  


Whip up this one-pot meal for dinner tonight. It's a lovely dish to wind down with on a Friday. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy your evening. 

One thing I love about pomegranate seeds is their ability to add a bright, sometimes much-needed pop of color to any dish. Case in point: this vegan roasted kabocha squash with miso tahini dill sauce, pomegranate, and walnuts.

What is your favorite way to use pomegranates? 

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