Do This One Thing to Get a Promotion

Sophie Miura

Robin Camarote had been toiling away at her corporate job for eight years, wondering why she couldn’t secure a promotion. She was competent, thirsty for career progression, and keen on tackling more responsibility, so what was holding her back? In an article for AOL, Camarote explains that when she discovered the secret to getting ahead, it transformed her career. The key? Stepping up to a new position before you’re given permission.

“Taking myself out of the promotion mind-set and instead focusing all my efforts and initiative on just doing the job at the next level would have 1) sparked the (preliminary) results, 2) demonstrated precisely the kind of entrepreneurial leadership they were looking for, and 3) been a hell of a lot more fun,” she says. This realization allowed her to take the reins and show her managers that she was capable of working at a more senior level, fast-tracking the process.

Her advice is so simple it made us wonder why more people don't talk about this approach. “[Managers] worry that if they advise ambitious staff to tear down the lane lines and swim wherever and however they want, chaos will ensue,” says Camarote. “Second—and perhaps an even more prevalent reason is—a lot of managers don’t realize that they’re looking for someone.” The takeaway: Stop wasting your energy asking for a promotion, and give yourself permission to rise to the challenge. When you believe you’ve showed sufficient skill at the new role, approach your manager. Now that’s how it’s done!

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