Is the Raindrop Cake the Next Big Food Trend?

Sophie Miura

For months, our Instagram feed has been awash with rainbow-hued bagels and teetering towers of doughnut-topped milkshakes, but it seems that the next big food trend is far more subtle and intriguing than your typical over-the-top dessert. Meet the raindrop cake, the latest culinary creation that’s taking the New York City food scene by storm. 

Created by untrained chef Darren Wong, the raindrop cake is inspired by a traditional Japanese mizu shingen mochi. ABC reports that Wong, a senior strategist at a digital marketing agency, spotted the emerging trend in Japan and was eager to re-create the dessert for an American audience.

While recent food trends have appealed to our sweet tooth, the raindrop cake is low in sugar and has almost zero calories. In fact, flavor isn’t even its main appeal. The key ingredients in the clear drop are spring water and agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin. The real allure is the unique experience. “Firstly, it looks really cool,” Wong tells Food & Wine. “It kind reminds me of that scene from A Bug’s Life where they drink water drops off of leaves. Second, the texture is so unique; it’s very delicate and fragile.”

Keen to try the raindrop cake? New Yorkers can sample the cake for $8 a piece at Smorgasberg markets in Brooklyn. Similar variations are also starting to appear on menus around the world. Interested to see how it’s made? 

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