This Is Your Home's Worst Clutter Culprit (and How to Fix It)

Kelsey Clark

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our Take 5 column, where we invite you to take a hump-day break with the week’s most revitalizing lifestyle stories. Ready for a breather?


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Take 1: If you constantly organize but your home is always cluttered…

Consider tackling your growing mail stashwhich Apartment Therapy considers your "home's worst clutter culprit." They recommend shredding, filing, and tossing to "tame the mail mountain."

Take 2: If you're considering a permanent change of scenery…

Look no further than 2017's list of the world's happiest countries when choosing your new home. Norway, Denmark, and Iceland claim the top three spots, while Yemen, South Sudan, and Liberia rank lowest.

Take 3: If you live by your morning Starbucks run…

The coffee chain may be transforming into a one-stop shop for all things breakfast-related, including avocados. Sbux is now selling organic avocado spread for just 95 cents, so you can spread guac goodness on any sandwich.

Take 4: If you've been praying for a dumpling emoji…

Your lucky day is (almost) here. Unicode, the designers behind Apple emoji, has shared a beta version of 56 new characters to be released June 30. A breastfeeding mother, dumplings, and yogis are included!

Take 5: If you've been holding out for cheap flights for months…

JetBlue's seasonal sale is here to save you (and your bank account). But you have to act fast: The carrier's signature $39 flight deal ends at midnight tonight! Prices are only valid for travel between April 4 and June 14.

Your afternoon pick-me-up:

Trying to detox and give up sugar? This sugar-detoxing mushroom soup from Mindbodygreen is a must-try. Make meal-prep Sunday that much more productive.

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