Your Résumé Needs a Little Help From Your Friends, Says Science

Jillian Knox Finley

When it comes to building out your résumé in the digital age, there’s a whole new checklist to consider, from one’s mastery of power verbs to, as Business and Professional Communication Quarterly now reports, community feedback. According to a new study by University of Minnesota assistant professor of business communications Abram Anders found the key to landing a well-targeted, laser-focused résumé lies in the power of the group. Here’s how he breaks it down…

Anders advocates workshopping your résumé with a small group via Google Docs. You’ll get the benefit of multiple eyes on the page in real time.

“Even when working on something as personal as a résumé, [professionals] can benefit from a collaborative approach,” states Anders. “Consider inviting several trusted friends to revise their résumés along with you in Google Doc or using another collaborative writing tool.”

Just how many friends should you phone? A handful, says Anders. “Groups of at least four to five people is where you really start to see diversity and variety in what people bring to the table.” Together, colleagues can brainstorm how to tailor a résumé to appeal to a specific employer, and offer constructive criticism that leads to more clearly articulated skills and experience.

Job hunting can be a solitary affair. Establishing a support system to garner feedback and support can not only boost your résumé appeal but also potentially result in new leads. After all, there’s strength in numbers.

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