Home Tour: A Stylish, DIY-Filled Family Bungalow

Home Tour: A Stylish, DIY-Filled Family Bungalow

Los Angeles-based interior designer Rosa Beltran describes her style as “always evolving.” Gravitating towards a global, collected vibe, the designer creates contrast and juxtaposition in her designs. “I like to mix classic and traditional with modern and eclectic and see what kind of magic can happen,” the designer tells us. “In my opinion, those are the rooms that really sing.” In her family’s Los Angeles bungalow and adjoining studio, the designer crafted a layered space combining flea market and Craigslist finds with her own DIY projects to create a fiercely personal space.

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    To customize the existing space to meet her family’s needs, Beltran removed walls that made for dark and disconnected spaces, opening up the home’s floor plan with archways, allowing light to permeate into all the corners of the home.

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    Rosa acknowledges that budget was the biggest consideration in designing her home. “It was a starter home, so let's be real here! I’m sure there are many things I could have done differently had I not been constrained by a tight budget,” the designer admits. “But there's a ton of satisfaction in knowing that you've made something lovely out of your own creativity and resourcefulness.”

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    To enlarge the family’s living area and increase the indoor/outdoor flow, the designer repurposed French and sliding glass doors scored on Craigslist, installing them along the back of the house to increase the amount of natural light and capitalize on the property’s views.

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    Queen of DIY — Beltran shares her projects and tips on her blog — most of the furniture in the home was scored from inexpensive sources and then customized. Ikea drapes received an upgrade via custom trim, agate “wallpaper” was added as an accent wall in the dining room, and a West Elm light received a gold-leaf upgrade inspired by Tom Dixon.

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    “The house was built without a very defined architectural style one way or another,” Beltran shares. “Had it been Spanish or Craftsman or midcentury we would have wanted to preserve that vibe, but instead we had kind of a blank slate to work with and could take it in any direction we wanted.”

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    PHOTO: Bethany Nauert
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    Currently renovating the family’s new home in the Hollywood Hills, Beltran is opting for a different look, while staying true to her aesthetic. “We’re going in a slightly more classic direction,” the designer shares. “But you can be sure that I won’t ever let it get boring. I can promise you that!”

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