This Is How to Spot Fake Nice People When You Meet Them

by Daniel Barna

Trying to tell the difference between someone who is genuinely nice and someone who is fake nice can be as confounding as trying to tell the difference between llamas and alpacas. But thanks to a new infographic from Lifehack, the former doesn’t have to be.

Titled “8 Signs of Fake Nice People You Need to Be Aware Of,” the infographic presents one column featuring eight different traits and behaviors commonly displayed by genuinely nice people and an opposing column showing that fake nice people typically behave in the opposite manner.

For example, according to Lifehack, genuine people are “nice and helpful most of the time,” whereas fake nice people are only polite “when they have a hidden agenda.” There’s no worse feeling than discovering that someone thought was your friend and had you your best interests at heart was only trying to get something of value from you.

Another way in which Lifehack says genuine people are different from fake people is that while the former prefers to be humble about their accomplishments, the latter leans toward braggadocio.

Lastly, you can identify genuinely nice people by keeping an eye out for those who don’t try to make you like them. According to Lifehack, it’s the people who go out of their way to win your affection who are fake.

Do you often encounter fake nice people? Do you find this chart to be accurate? Tell us about your experience and see more tips for spotting fake nice people below.

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