6 Simple Hacks to Supercharge Your Savings

Sophie Miura

With summer mere months away, we’ve got vacations on our mind, but the issue of savings looms large. If you’re longing for a tropical getaway but are one Seamless order away from a overdrawn account, read on. Money has rounded up the top life hacks to grow your nest egg. Here’s our edit of the top six tips for saving more and spending less—your next vacation awaits!

  1. Carry cash. Research suggests paying for small purchases in cash could deter you from spending money. Why? Handing over physical cash draws attention to the transaction and forces you to question the purchase.
  2. Ditch the shopping cart. If you drop into a grocery store to buy a few small items, ditch the cart and carry them. Forgoing a cart will stop you from picking up unnecessary itmes and wasting your cash on snacks.
  3. Buy prescription drugs at Costco. You don’t need a membership to buy low-cost prescription drugs from stores like Sam’s Club and Costco.
  4. Trade fabric softener for wool balls. Toss wool balls into your dryer for soft clothing sans costly fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  5. Zip pants before you wash them. Try this handy life hack to prevent delicate items from snagging on the metal zipper teeth in the washer or dryer.
  6. Check your freezer door. Broken refrigerator seals can be a major drain on your energy bill. Test it out by closing the door on a $1 bill. If the seal needs to be replaced, the bill will slide out.

Shop some wool balls below, and then visit Money for more cost-cutting life hacks.

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