Do This One Thing to Make More Money

Sophie Miura

If someone told you there was a simple way to boost your salary without actually changing the hours or effort you put in, would you try it? According to New York magazine, a new study suggests one simple tweak to our nightly routines could yield serious financial benefits: increasing the amount of time spent asleep. 

Sure, we know that sleep has a slew of benefits, from improving memory skills to heightening alertness, but in this surprising new study, researchers found a link between those who snooze longer and those who have a higher salary. We know, it sounds far-fetched—bear with us. 

Economists Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader asked Americans to detail how they designate time. The top finding: Just one additional hour of sleep a week increased wages by 4.9% over the course of a few years. While that doesn't sound like much, writer Tanya Basu points out that it adds up quickly. "For a person who makes $50,000 a year, that's a bonus of $2450 at the end of the year for sleeping an extra 12 minutes per work day," she writes. 

The takeaway: Don't underestimate the power of restorative sleep. If you're feeling stressed or unproductive, the key could be a quick nap or longer night's rest. 

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