Why It Works: Double Sofas

Why It Works: Double Sofas

You know what they say: Two’s company. Most living areas we see have one sofa, but we urge you to consider mirroring a pair in your floor plan—space permitting, of course. Why, you ask? Let us count the ways …

  • Why It Works: Double Sofas

    The thing about “perfect symmetry” is ... it’s perfect. If something feels off about your interior, it may very likely be the layout of your furniture. The simplest way to remedy that is to introduce a little balance.

    Having symmetry in your home—be it a pair of matching sofas facing each other or a set of pendant lights framing your bed—allows you to be more playful and off-kilter with your arrangements of other art, accessories, and accent furniture. Anchor your living room with two sofas and then you can feel free to be adventurous elsewhere. If you have a fireplace in your space, center your sofas around it, and you’ll create a beautiful sense of symmetry.

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    PHOTO: Jake Curtis
  • Why It Works: Double Sofas

    Aiming your sofa at your flat-screen makes perfect sense in a TV room or den, but in formal living rooms and other sitting areas, often the small screen isn’t a point of focus. Mirroring your sofas instantly creates a focal point: you and your guests. This layout encourages socializing better than most; accent the sofas with an armchair or two, and you’ll have a lively cocktail hour in no time.

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    PHOTO: Durston Saylor for Architectural Digest
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  • Why It Works: Double Sofas

    Decorating an expansive room? If you fill it with multiple pieces of seating, you can easily lose its wonderful sense of scale and create clutter. If you often entertain large parties, multiple small seating arrangements can benefit you, but if small groups are your thing, creating one central sitting area of two mirrored sofas might be your best bet.

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    PHOTO: Richard Powers, designed by Marc Newson
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  • Why It Works: Double Sofas

    If no other reason than to seat more guests in your home, consider an additional sofa. In the space where two armchairs and a side table might sit, you can easily fit an additional sofa, making room for three or four guests (or more!), instead of just two.

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    Do you have mirrored sofas in your home? Have you considered it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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