3 Perfectly Light, Refreshing Cocktail Recipes for Spring Brunch

Katie Sweeney

Is there a season for brunch? If there is, one could argue that the time is right now. What with Easter, Mother’s Day, warmer weather, and longer days, spring is the perfect time to host a brunch. If you’ve got one on the agenda, you’re going to need a proper cocktail recipe. The best brunch cocktails are fruity and light—you don’t want to drink anything too potent early in the morning, so steer clear of libations that are 100% booze. To ensure that your brunch guests are properly lubricated, we reached out to Minibar, the nationwide alcohol delivery service that brings vodka and champagne to your door in under an hour, for some inspired brunch-tail recipes. Here are three pretty and tasty drinks to serve at your next brunch. Cheers!

To make these cocktails, you’ll need a stylish cocktail shaker.

What is your favorite brunch cocktail?

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