No Holiday? Here's How to Staycation in Style

Emma Spedding

Summer holiday prices can mean for many that July and August are the one time you stay at home, away from Europe's beaches (hey, they're overcrowded anyway). But staying at your casa for the summer doesn't mean actually staying on your sofa 24/7. Our staycation ideas aren't so bad, you know…

There are a number of great staycation alternatives if your passport is staying firmly placed in your "safe place." From punting in Oxford to 99s at a seaside town to picking berries in the countryside, there are a number of things to do to make you realise that staying in England for the summer is no bad thing at all. And just like holidays, you want to look stylish every step of the way, so here are some tips for how to dress for your staycation.

Click below for four winning staycation scenarios, and how to dress for each…

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