The Coolest Student Housing You’ve Ever Seen

Julia Millay Walsh

Think you were in the "cool" dorm in college? Think again. As workplace landscapes change, the hospitality industry has had to adapt along with it, and we're seeing more and more affordable housing and hotel options for young and cost-conscious travelers who are also style-conscious, but we haven't seen much change in the design of living spaces for students. Designed by creative agency ​...,staat, the Student Hotel—a boutique hotel in Amsterdam which offers affordable luxury to students, interns, researchers, and travelers for one night up to one year—is changing that. Young travelers, students doing a semester abroad, and European students who can't quite afford their own place now have access to fully furnished rooms with shared kitchens, suites for free Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms, private kitchens, quiet study spaces, lively living areas, and 24-hour security... all of which are designed with the utmost creativty. We kind of wish we could relive our college years...

Scroll on below for a tour.

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