15 Things You Should Give Up to Become More Successful

Katie Sweeney

"Get rid of the old to make way for the new" is a mantra I apply to my wardrobe twice a year when I clean out my closet. I love purging clothing, and if I have not worn a dress in awhile, to Goodwill it goes. A recent Inc. article had me thinking: What if I applied this philosophy to other aspects of my life, specifically bad habits that are holding me back from being more successful? The Inc. story lists 25 simple things to give up if you want to succeed. “Everyone is entitled to success,” writes Lolly Daskal, “We just have to make room for it. Learn to give up what is keeping you stuck and start moving closer to the things you want out of life.” Here are the 15 things that most resonated with me—the habits I am going to try and give up in order to be more successful. For her complete list, head over to Inc.

  1. Trying to be perfect.
  2. Playing small.
  3. Waiting for luck.
  4. Waiting for anything.
  5. Needing approval.
  6. Trying to do it alone.
  7. Overlooking your negative thoughts.
  8. Fixating on your weaknesses.
  9. Living in the past.
  10. Trying to please everyone.
  11. Holding onto grudges.
  12. Spending time with negative people.
  13. Complaining.
  14. Comparing yourself with others.
  15. Thinking you can't make a difference.

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What bad habits are you trying to give up?

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