5 Ideas to Steal From a Chic, Textural Guest Bedroom

5 Ideas to Steal From a Chic, Textural Guest Bedroom

Designed by New York-based designer Tamara Magel for the Holiday House Hamptons, a showhouse in Sag Harbor this summer, this guest bedroom has all the makings of a beautiful home. With a restrained black and white palette, textural touches, contemporary pieces, and sun-filled windows, it's an inspirational space that makes us want to "paint it black" and cozy up with a faux fur throw. Read on for five lessons from this space that you can apply to your own home.

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    1. Bring in Texture

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    Texture is essential to any monochrome or single-tone space, as it keeps simple palettes from looking flat. In a guest bedroom, it's also important to integrate cozy materials, such as a faux fur throw or terrycloth bathrobe, to create a relaxing retreat for your guests — away from the hustle and bustle of whatever is happening down in the kitchen.

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    2. Go Big or Go Home

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    One of the easiest ways to add impact in any room is with large-scale artwork. Whether you invest in a contemporary piece you've saved up for, you DIY a colored canvas yourself, or you hang an oversize tapestry, going big will make the greatest statement.

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    3. Keep It Simple

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    In a guest bedroom, don't overdo it with accessories. Keep your styling on nightstands, dressers, and other surfaces simple, leaving room for your guests to stash their own personal items. A vase with fresh flowers or a catch-all tray or bowl for jewelry, change, and other items are sometimes all you need.

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    4. Mind Your Materials

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    You don't have to hire a high-end interior designer or break the bank on custom furnishings to give your home the of luxury. Instead, look for luxe materials like marble, stone, or fur in small doses, such as a tray, to bring a luxurious look to your interior.

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    5. Play With Scale

    PHOTO: Rikki Snyder

    Playing with scale is one of the easiest ways to add drama to your home. Here, a tall vase filled with oversize branches eclipses the books on this console table and instantly adds a bit of theatrics.


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