22 Things to Do During a Blizzard

Katie Sweeney

Did you know that there's a blizzard slamming the East Coast with snow right now? If you live there, you’re in the middle of it, and if you don’t, you’ve seen it all over the news and your Instagram feed, so I’m assuming you answered, “Yes, silly!” to to that question. Although, I’m writing this from California where the sun is shining, I can’t help but fantasize about what I would do if stuck at home in a blizzard. It seems like a thrilling experience. I’m a fan of fireplaces, fur blankets, and frothy cocoa, so I thought I’d come up with the ultimate blizzard bucket list. In case you’re at home and bored with nothing to do while the snow whistles outside your window, here are 22 fun ways to pass the time.

  1. Play a board game. Choose an old-school one you have not played in forever. Props if it's called Mall Madness. 
  2. Transform your bathroom into a home spa. Light scented candles, fill a bath with bubbles and hot water, and relax. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Use all those samples of expensive spa products that are taking up space in the bottom drawer of your bathroom vanity!
  3. Start reading a new book.
  4. Binge watch that television show you’ve been hearing so much about.
  5. Have a movie marathon. Pick a genre (romantic comedy, period drama, etc.) or actress (Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, etc.) and watch three movies in a row.
  6. Throw a snowed-in dinner. Call your friends or family members who live within walking distance to your house. Ask them to bring over whatever wine and provisions they have on hand and throw an impromptu dinner party.
  7. Clean out your closet. You’re stuck at home, so you might as well do something productive!
  8. Get lost on Pinterest. That gallery wall you’ve been wanting to find pictures for? Use this time to find them now!
  9. Pull out your sewing kit and mend any sweaters or clothes that have holes in them.
  10. Open a good bottle of wine that you have been saving for a special occasion and enjoy it with a plate of scrambled eggs.
  11. Take an online course. Now’s the time to finally learn to make your own website.
  12. Experiment with different hairstyles. Wash your hair, then try curling it with your straightening iron. Watch a Princess Leia braid tutorial on YouTube, then try and re-create the look on your own hair.
  13. Play dress-up in your own closet. You’ve probably got something coming up that you need an outfit for, right? Figure out what you are going to wear on that date, job interview, or trip now.
  14. Put on your snow clothes and go outside for a snow romp!
  15. Do a little online shopping.
  16. Style your coffee table.
  17. Have a crafternoon: Make Valentine’s Day cards, a collage, painting, or scrapbook.
  18. Learn everything there is to know about contouring.
  19. Plan your next vacation!
  20. Organize your linen closet.
  21. Change up the furniture layout in your apartment or living room.
  22. You have nothing to do and no where to be, so just relax and be happy!

Why not style your coffee table and go online shopping? Here’s the coffee table book, Tory Burch: In Color, I’ve had my eyes on for months.

Are you on the East Coast? How are you spending your time inside during the snowstorm?

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