Unexpected Wedding Favors That Every Guest Will Love

Sophie Miura

When you reflect on the best weddings you've ever attended, what makes some ceremonies stand out among the rest? Great tunes, a stunning venue, and a unique table setting that hasn't saturated Pinterest all contribute to a memorable day, but in our opinion, there's one defining factor: personalized details. The best-planned weddings seem to have thoughtfully found a way to personalize every aspect of the nuptials, from the place settings to favors. 

If you're struggling to find time to plan out every detail of your wedding with unique touches, we've done the legwork to find six unique wedding favor ideas from real weddings to inspire your big day. As the one take-home from your special occasion, these mini gifts offer a lasting memory and a way to thank friends and family for being part of the day. Make each favor count with these gorgeous wedding favors your guests will adore.

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