This Is How Much People Actually Spend on Weddings

Sophie Miura

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, but when it comes to talking money, why do we still shy away from sharing details? If you’ve ever wondered how much brides really spend on their nuptials, The Knot has the answer. According to CNN Money, the website has collated state-by-state data from almost 18,000 brides who wed in 2015 to find out who has the most extravagant ceremonies. FYI, the average American wedding came in at $32,641, which has steadily increased over the last few years. Metropolitan centers seem to splurge the most, and overall, East Coast couples spend more than their West Coast counterparts. By city, these locales spend the most:

  • Manhattan: $82,299
  • Chicago: $61,265
  • Palm Springs: $44,646
  • New Orleans: $44,187
  • Connecticut: $41,692
  • Los Angeles: $39,492
  • San Francisco: $39,250
  • Boston: $37,799
  • South and Central Texas: $30,918
  • South Carolina: $29,507
  • Tennessee: $24,270
  • Oregon: $20,456
  • Alaska: $17,361

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