What to Know Before You Date an Entrepreneur

Genevieve Fish

Entrepreneurs are obsessed with their companies. They don’t eat, sleep, or exist without having at least one portion of their brain dedicated to their company, so dating and making room for another priority is difficult. This is why you should never enter into a relationship with an entrepreneur without knowing a few things about them. Read on to understand what it really means to share your life with an entrepreneur.

Christina Weber, creator of Underground Unattached, a dating experience that connects ambitious professionals with like-minded peers in the hopes of creating meaningful relationships, believes that entrepreneurs often approach dating like a business. “They make a similar mistake that corporations make: They hire quickly and fire slowly,” meaning that they are quick to make a commitment to a person and slow to let them go if the fit isn’t right. Make sure you’re acutely aware of your needs and your partner’s needs. If they aren’t being met because the relationship isn’t quite right, don’t be afraid to nip it in the bud. You don’t want to stay in a dissatisfying relationship. An entrepreneur spends the majority of his or her time focusing on their business, so it might be easier to stay with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong rather than dedicate precious time to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. This means you can’t be timid about assessing your relationship because you might be the only person who is willing to do so.

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