This Is What Nutritionists Eat When They Don’t Have Time to Cook

Sophie Miura

Despite our best efforts, making a healthy home-cooked dinner every night isn't always possible. Whether you've had a long day in the office or just don't have the energy to face the kitchen, some days you need a quick and easy meal. Nutritionists are exactly the same. The only difference is that they know which ready-made meals are actually healthy and how to stock your pantry full of food that won't bust your diet. The Huffington Post asked leading registered dietitians to share their secrets.  Scroll down for the top meals nutrition experts eat when they don't have time to cook. You might be surprised!


Nutritionist Monica Reinagel says she heads to the frozen section at Trader Joe's for healthy last-minute meals. Her picks include frozen edamame beans and potstickers, which only take a few minutes to prepare. 

Canned Soup

Not sure how to shop for a busy week ahead? Registered dietitian Elizabeth Ward says she heads straight to the canned soup aisle for a fuss-free option. To add more nutrients to the meal, she eats the soup with a side of whole grain toast and fruit for desert. 

Baked Potato and Fried Egg

If you're looking for a fast recipe that lies somewhere in between a can of soup and Chrissy Teigan–style meal, Alexis Joseph recommends making a baked potato. Perfect when she's feeling "ambitiously lazy," Joseph microwaves a sweet potato and tops it with fridge finds like avocado and a fried egg. 


Yes, we're serious! Registered dietitian Katherine Brooking heats up a frozen pizza on days when she doesn't have time to cook. Brooking tells Huffington Post that she reaches for margarita or spinach pizza over a variety laden with toppings. To raise the meal's nutritional profile she adds a simple bowl of greens on the side and is cautious about portion sizes—store the leftovers in the fridge for another busy day. 

Leftover Stir-Fry

One thing most nutrition experts have in common is that they keep a well-stocked fridge. On an off day, preparing a fast meal is as easy as throwing together fresh ingredients and leftovers. Vandana Sheth's go-to meal is a stir-fry. She adds frozen vegetables to a pan with tofu and leftover brown rice or quinoa. 

Green Bowl

If you've sworn off pre-cooked food, a green bowl is a fast, healthy option. Dietician Rochelle Sirota throws together a salad with whatever ingredients happen to be in the fridge. To make it more filling, add a can of chickpeas or extra protein like a tin of tuna. 

Feeling inspired to whip up a quick, healthy meal? Shop our edit of 10 healthy cookbooks, then visit Huffington Post to discover more nutritionist-approved meals.

What's your go-to meal on a busy day? Share your favorite recipe in the comments below. 

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