This Boozy Wine Ice Cream Will Change Your Life

Kelsey Clark

Life is about doing more with less, and we prefer to do so while melting into the nearest couch with a bottle of wine in one hand and a pint of Ben and Jerry's in the other. Fortunately, your nights spent doing your best sloth impersonation (save the intermittent glass-to-mouth motion) just got that much more productive, thanks to Winecream.

Presumably created by a girl fresh off a break up, Winecream is—you guessed it—wine ice cream, that has actual alcohol in it. Unlike the various wine-flavored ice creams that merely imitate the nectar of the gods, the makers of Winecream cut to the chase and infused each scoop with a full glass of wine. Each pint contains roughly 10 percent alcohol by volume. Created by a small, family-owned business with their priorities in line, Winecream is made with all-natural fruit purées, mix-ins, and "super-charged" wine. 

The delicious treat has been produced and served by the Crossroad Company at festivals and private events in Baltimore since 2014. A recent expansion into a warehouse space will allow the start-up to anoint the masses with their deliciously boozy dessert, with plans to sell Winecream both in-stores and online.

"We'll be offering pints for sale in stores with alcoholic retail licenses in the Maryland/DC area starting this summer," said Katie Gorham, owner and managing member of the Crossroad Company, in an email exchange with Thrillist. "We'll be rolling out shipments starting with other Mid-Atlantic states, hopefully sometime in late 2016 (just don't hold me to that!)."

Winecream is now available for pre-order in Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Mixed Berry flavors in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area. Snag your pint here.

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