Working Moms Put In More Hours Than CEOs Do

Sophie Miura

As many working mothers can attest, juggling a career with the demands of parenthood can feel like you're being pulled in a ton of different directions. While we've long had a hunch that working parents do extra hours, a new study commissioned by the Cenovis Women's Health Index confirms it: Women who balance a career with caring for children put in up to 80 hours of paid and unpaid work per week.

To put it into perspective, Women's Agenda points out that a CEO's typical workweek is 58 hours. Yes, you read that right—moms are logging almost a full day of extra work more than those who run businesses. To be fair, the study assumes that CEOs don't contribute to housework, but it does provide an indication of the stress and workload placed on parents.

That's not the only concerning data. Researchers discovered that only 5% of working mothers take time out for rest when they're ill, but 70% leave work to care for sick children.

While the research needs some clarification, it does paint a worrying picture about the reality for working moms. Given that the number of parents with a career is on the rise, it could provide a much-needed nudge to search for a solution.

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