The World's Most Beautiful Islands to Add to Your Bucket List

Sacha Strebe

Summer's finally here, but sometimes, beach days have us craving something more. Are you overdue for a tropical getaway? Are you dreaming of endless stretches of beach, sand between your toes, and crystal-clear waters? Do you desire lounging around in private villas, touring uninhabited coastlines by sailboat, and soaking up the sun in the purest epitome of paradise? If island life is on your mind, we have just the thing to visually transport you there—and possibly inspire your next vacation. From island clusters with lively coral reefs Down Under to island nations with secluded waterfalls hidden away in lush rainforests, we've rounded up the best islands to visit in all corners of the world. So whether you're looking for popular slices of paradise or some of the world's best-kept secrets, scroll down to view some of the most beautiful islands on earth.

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This story was originally published on July 16, 2015, and has been updated.

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