10 Things: Rachelle Lefevre

Maybe it was her convincing portrayal of a sadistic vampire who raised an army of hell-raisers and vowed to torture Bella to death, but when we asked former Twilight star Rachelle Lefevre for her list of ten things she can't live without, we were relieved to find her taste in decor decidedly...feminine. Now starring in CBS's Under the Dome, Lefevre reveals a home style that's both well-curated and comfortable. Read on to to discover a look she pegs as "urban farmhouse," balancing industrial influences with soft, down-to-earth sensibilities. dh-rachel-lefevre-heacer-01
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-20 BELLA NOTTE BEDDING My Bella Notte Tencel sheets and pillowcases are by far the softest sheets I've ever felt. I treated myself to these for my birthday last year and no matter what the day brings there's a little luxury waiting for me at night. From $104, Cottage Chic.
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-12 COLE & SON "WOOD AND PEARS" WALLPAPER Wood and Pears wallpaper by Cole & Son was the first thing I picked out for my new house. If I was a wall paper i like to think this would be me- it's whimsical, edgy but slightly girly, and kind of catches you off guard, like, you like it but you don't know why! From $5, Walnut Wallpaper
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-22 KITCHEN AID STAND MIXER My Kitchen Aid stand mixer was my first real bad-ass kitchen appliance purchase. I love to bake and when I first got it I used it for five days straight making cakes, icing & meringue. When I travel I truly miss it. Stand Mixer, $400, Kitchen Aid
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-21 SANTOKU KNIFE I have small wrists and so a lot of great knives are just to heavy for me to use for hours of cooking. These are light and perfectly balanced and I love the sexy, sleek look of them. The Santoku was my first one., $119, Cutlery and More
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-19 RECLAIMED WOOD STOOL I have a reclaimed wood Asian foot stool from HD Buttercup that sits next to my bathtub. It's just big enough to hold my sponge, bath salts & a candle and it makes the bathroom feel earthy and more cozy. $411, Kathy Kuo Home
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-14 SOY CANDLE Lavender candles by Common Good are my new obsession. They come in a mason jar and have a really subtle but flowery smell, not too sweet like a lot of candles. None of their products are tested on animals which is a must for me. From $15, Common Good
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-17 STARBURST MIRROR I'm not a fan of mirrors, I usually think they look forced or sterile but they are a necessity! My solution was to buy antique mirrors from the Rosebowl flea market which makes them one of a kind and more like art than functional items.  $275, 1st Dibs
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-16 REED SCONCE I've only recently started appreciating how much lighting can change a room. These nickel industrial swing arm wall sconces with metal shades from Rejuvenation are new but they remind me of old, vintage desk lamps and add a sense of history to a room. $335, Rejuvenation
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-13 DOWNTOWN LO8 CONSOLE I recently discovered the Westin Mitchell Design Group, an amazing team of craftsmen working in downtown LA. I just got a custom made TV stand from them made of reclaimed oak & old industrial metal hardware. Their stuff has a farmhouse meets industrial feel which really fits with my urban farmhouse aesthetic. $2,400, Westin Mitchell Design Group
dh-rachel-lefevre-market-15 TASSEL DAYTON HAND TOWEL I love clean white tiles & paint in the bathroom so to add pops of color I mix & match towels from Anthropologie. They have so many colors and patterns and it's fun to mix textures too. My guests always ask me where I got them. $28, Anthropologie
Photograph: Anne Menke