6 Simple 100-Calorie Snacks That Won't Leave You Hangry

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Minimalist Baker 

Let's be honest: Finding 100-calorie snacks that don't look, well, "lacking" is not an easy task. Most 100-calorie recipes I come across look like the kind of food Cinderella would sprinkle to her pet blue jays in the morning. That being said, although finding a substantial low-calorie snack is a difficult task, it isn't an impossible one. With the right fresh ingredients, you can whip up a healthy 100-calorie snack that will leave you satiated.

I've rounded up some of the very best creations from food bloggers whose recipes have time and time again impressed me with their simplicity and creativity. These recipes not only taste great but can be made quickly and in batches. Store and enjoy these snacks little by little, whether at home, at the office, or for a pre-workout energy boost. Keep reading for six 100-calorie snacks that are easy to make and satisfying to boot.

Brussels Sprouts With Sriracha Aioli

crispy brussels sprouts

Alright, full disclosure: This recipe has 106 calories per serving, but I'm not sweating it cause it's brussels sprouts—and neither should you. Dana from the Minimalist Baker has concocted a vegan, gluten-free recipe for crispy garlic brussels sprouts that's done in under 20 minutes. The aioli dip combines all-star ingredients like paprika, maple syrup, and Sriracha. 

Watermelon, Feta, and Blackberry Skewers

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Molly Winters

What's even better than a delicious 100-calorie snack? A 100-calorie snack that doesn't require any cooking. Lifestyle guru Camille Styles passed this one along: watermelon, feta, and blackberry skewers that can be thrown together in a pinch.

Mason Jar Bone Broth Soup

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Kelly LeVeque

Kelly LeVeque posted this 100-calorie snack on her Instagram, and it's absolutely brilliant: bone broth soup that can be popped into the microwave for quick eating. Simply fill up a mason jar with your choice of veggies, pour bone broth over the mix, and heat up. 

Baked Rosemary Beet Chips

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Minimalist Baker

What is it about the crispy, tangy crunch of chips that is so irresistible? These baked rosemary beet chips are the healthy version. At 84 calories per serving, these low-cal treats are ready to be enjoyed in under 20 minutes.

Asian Cucumber Salad

snacks under 100 calories
Daniele Rose Photography

I was never a huge fan of cucumbers until I tried making my own Asian cucumber salad. The combination of vinegar and sesame seed oil with the mild flavour of cucumber is so simple, but it's bursting with flavour. Best of all, this recipe takes almost no time to throw together and doesn't require any cooking.

4-Ingredient Fruit Popsicles

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Minimalist Baker

At 51 calories each, these four-ingredient fruit popsicles are the perfect solution to your sweet tooth craving. Mandarin slices, blueberries, and peaches are combined with orange juice to form a simply delectable popsicle that is totally guilt-free. Make in batches to enjoy with friends (or keep them all for yourself—that works, too).

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