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20 Interior Design Trends From the '60s We Still Love Today

60s home decor

Design: Veneer Designs, Photo: Amy Bartlam

If it wasn't evident from the groovy wallpapers and midcentury-modern furniture flooding your Insta-feeds lately, '60s décor is still having a moment sixty years later.

A stroll down memory lane—or a quick Google search, for all you Gen Z-ers—will give you visions of the first walk on the moon, Woodstock, The Beatles, the Vietnam war, and historic civil rights protests. While these events undoubtedly changed the world forever, they also shaped interior design as we know it today. When else did you think space-age styles and boho décor originated?

Ahead, here are 20 ways to incorporate the best of the '60s in every room of your home. 

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Boho Design

60s design trends

Modernly You

While it feels like a modern take on eclecticism, bohemian design gave way to the hippie culture of the 1960s and '70s. Then and now, the popular style boasts warm tones, natural fibers, and tons of texture.

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Macramé Wall Hangings

60s design trends

Leaf and Lolo

It's a tall order to scroll through Instagram and not see photos of macramé wall hangings. And while social media was but a dream in the '60s, macramé was just as popular as it is today. The return of handicrafts and folk-inspired textiles inspired a macramé revival that spanned both fashion and home décor.

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Moroccan-Inspired Décor

60s design trends

Soukie Modern

The growing popularity of foreign travel in the '60s sparked the influence of other cultures featured in home design. Moroccan influences were often seen in homes during this time via textiles, rugs, floor pillows, and ornaments.

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House Plants

60s Design Trends

Leaf and Lolo

While it seems that only recently plant parents have taken pride in growing their flora family to double digits and beyond, indoor gardens were huge in the '60s. It wasn't uncommon to find potted plants throughout the home, just as you would today.

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Oversized Fan Wall Décor

60s Design Trends

House of Harvee

Keeping in line with worldly influences, it wasn't uncommon to find an oversized fan hanging above a couch or bedroom headboard. These days, using this as wall décor looks more bohemian and feels the slightest bit more understated. 

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Wood Paneling

60s Trends

Design: Jess Weeth; Photo: Keyanna Bowen

The retro mainstay, wood paneling, has now become a cool and modern staple. The wall treatment effortlessly injects texture and depth into any room, but today's spin feels more timeless than ever. A fresh coat of paint over your dated woodgrain and built-in shelves, like in this dining room design, is sure to look fresh for years to come.

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Stone Fireplace

60s Design Trends

Milk and Honey Life

If you live in a 1960s-era home that boasts original bones, chances are you have a stone fireplace acting as the focal point in your living room now.

Our favorite way to modernize the trend of yesteryear is to limewash it, which removes orange undertones and makes it look more neutral. 

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Panton Chairs

60s Design Trends

Pure Collected Living

If there's one piece of furniture that screams the '60s, it's the sleek S-curved chair you've undoubtedly seen in era movies and vintage magazines. The Panton chair shape and shiny finish added a sense of space age-appropriate otherworldliness to a post-war world.

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Mushroom Lamps

60s Design Trends

Domm Dot Com

Much like actual fungi, mushroom lamps continue to flourish and pop up left and right. This décor staple with a domed shade and sleek base has been sprouting across interior landscapes for decades, with roots in the '60s and '70s.

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Avocado Green

60s Design Trends

Home and Spirit

Although it had been shunned for years, this deep, warm shade of green was all the rage in the '60s. The it color of the decade, avocado green, was splashed on everything from appliances to walls to furniture well into the '70s.

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Starburst Styles

60s Design Trends

Home by Polly

There's one key element in wall décor that instantly takes any room in your house from modern-day into a scene straight out of Mad Men. Anything starburst shaped—think clocks, mirrors, and light fixtures—gives any space a retro feel.

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Boucle Upholstery

60s Design Trends

The House on Hillside Lane

It's no secret boucle furniture is having a major moment in the spotlight, but while it may feel like a new discovery, the textured trend originated in the '60s. The popular fabric could be found anywhere from a woman's closet to her living room décor. 

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Shag Rugs

60s Design Trends

Modernly You

Although the popularity of shag rugs has fluctuated for centuries, they peaked throughout the '60s and '70s, usually in bright colors. These days, the high pile trend continues to bring a cozy feel to homes everywhere, but usually in a lighter, more neutral tone.

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60s Design Trends

Thomas Guy Interiors

By the '60s, every dweller with an infinity for home décor had wallpaper hanging on their walls, usually incorporating shades of orange, brown, and green in striking patterns.

Not much has changed since then. Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you'll almost always find some home inspo that includes a printed statement wall utilizing a peel-and-stick print.

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Bold Pops Of Color

60s home decor

Design: Veneer Designs, Photo: Amy Bartlam

You can't recreate a '60s vibe without some bold pops of color. The more, the merrier, but when you're looking for a modern take on the colorful era, try incorporating bright hues in small doses.

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Wicker Furniture

wicker furniture

Design: Allie Boesch Designs, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Wicker furniture is a home-décor staple among the boho crowd, but these woven wonders have a history that surpasses any Instagram grid. An homage to the '60s, this earthy, textural trend may never go out of style.

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The Eames Chair

60s design

Design: Laura U Design Collective, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Whether you're familiar with its origins or not, there's no doubt you've seen this chair all over Instagram. First gaining popularity in the '60s, the lounge chair with coordinating ottoman continues to be one of the most recognizable of all the Eames chair designs.

However, it's worth noting that there are plenty of replicas and reproductions on the market.

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Midcentury Modern Style

60s design

Proem Studio

The midcentury modern movement spanned through the '60s and included architecture as well as industrial, interior, and graphic designs. The style is categorized by natural materials, clean lines, and minimal forms, and an emphasis on function. With a major presence on modern-day social media, we don't foresee this style going anywhere anytime soon.

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Bar Carts

60s design

Proem Studio

The living room essential, also known as the bar cart, got its start in the 1950s and '60s, providing convenient entertaining. By the '80s, this portable cocktail-hour staple was replaced by built-in bars. These days, with limited space, dwellers have returned to the classic compact bar cart for housing their beverages, glasses, and accouterments. 

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Hanging Chairs

60s Design Trends

Modern House Vibes

From the clear bubble chairs you'd see in an Austin Powers movie to woven bamboo and rattan iterations, the hanging chair is once again making appearances in living rooms everywhere.