14 1960s Kitchen Ideas We Still Love Today

Lime green kitchen

Delphine A.

They say decor trends never truly go away, and we can attest that, when it comes to these 1960s kitchen looks, they are anything but outdated. The 1960s were all about innovation and eclectic style. The mid-century modern look was still going strong and folks were eager to add pops of color throughout their home decor.

The 1960s marked the beginning of when kitchens became more than just a place to prepare food. Instead, kitchens turned into the center of the home, a room where families and friends gathered not just to make dinner, but to eat it, too.

Kitchens were open and spacious and just as functional as they were beautiful. And while some 1960s trends may not be stylish in the modern world, these kitchen ideas are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen remodel. Read on for our favorite '60s looks.

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Add a Place to Gather

Kitchen with beams

Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

The eat-in kitchen really rose in popularity in the 1960s and this is a trend that hasn't faded away from today's kitchens. Adding a breakfast bar or even a full kitchen table is a great way to ensure the kitchen is a gathering place in the home, not a room where one member of the family cooks alone, but rather a communal space for the whole family.

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Use Bright Colors

Bright colored cabinets

Wood and Wire Co. UK

If the 1960s taught us anything about home decor, it was not to shy away from bold, groovy colors. From burnt orange to rich blue, pull in a few bright colors into your kitchen for a nostalgic look. If you don't want to commit to a whole new colorful paint job, add a few accessories to get the same look.

Take the look to the next level with '60s inspired appliances such as this fun retro microwave.

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Go Pink in the Kitchen

Pink kitchen

Samantha Klein

Pink kitchens are no longer a thing of the past. This trend was popularized in the mid-20th century but is here to stay. We can't get enough of these soft pink cabinets or the retro wallpaper that pairs perfectly with the rest of the colors.

Keep it super retro and opt for Formica or solid-surface material for your countertops.

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Add Groovy Fixtures

Kitchen with yellow lights

Laura Olden

One way to transform a kitchen without a whole renovation? New kitchen light fixtures. Swap your standard pendant lights for some groovy bold-colored globe pendant lights that will act as an instant focal point in any space.

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Keep It Natural

Kitchen with wooden cabinets

Corinne Mathern

Many 1960s kitchens featured flat-faced wood cabinets. While many modern kitchens opt for white or colored cabinets, it is definitely time to consider bringing back the natural wood look. This midcentury kitchen is perfect for achieving that minimalist, Scandi vibe.

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Try Pistachio Green

Lime green kitchen

Delphine A.

If pistachio green isn't a color you've experimented with before, it's time to rethink that. Embrace a retro feel by painting your cabinets pistachio green. Keep the upper cabinets open so the color doesn't overwhelm your space and pair with brass or gold accents.

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Consider a Funky Tile Pattern

Kitchen with white tile

Stussi Luque Design

A fun tiled backsplash is a great way to revamp your kitchen and the '60s were all about taking risks. Instead of a classic subway tile, consider something a little more eye-catching like this parquet-inspired design. Pick smaller tiles for a retro look that adds a lot of visual interest.

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Keep It Black and White

Kitchen with black tile

Wise Design

If you think a 1960s-inspired kitchen has to feel outdated, think again. This modern kitchen is proof that you can borrow from retro trends and still keep your space feeling fresh, new, and modern.

The classic checkerboard look was still big in the 1960s and this color scheme is one that hasn't gone away. Keep you kitchen monochrome with black tile and white accents or mix black and white with other bold colors throughout the space.

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Keep the Appliances on Display

White kitchen with wood cutting boards

Mittfunkis | Magdalena

Kitchens in the '60s were all about convenience and, while they had more storage space than they did in previous decades, it was still easier to keep those most-used items right on the counter. From the beloved KitchenAid to your most-used cutting boards, don't be afraid to display those essentials right on the counters.

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Add Chrome Accents

Kitchen with metal chairs

Haus Collaborative

This whole kitchen has major '60s vibes, but we love the chrome breakfast bar stools that give it a super retro look that still feels modern. Adding a few 1960s-inspired pieces like starburst clock or a retro teapot can really give your kitchen a load of personality.

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Embrace Natural Elements

Wooden kitchen

Design: Mandy Cheng DesignPhotography: Madeline Tolle

From natural light to natural wood, you can still give your kitchen a modern 1960s look and feel without going with bright, bold colors. The classic wood cabinets paired with rattan and exposed wood beams gives this kitchen a super 1960s California look. Add a touch of greenery and embrace natural light and voila: it's like you're in Palm Springs.

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Raid Grandma's Kitchen

Kitchen with mid century cookware

Old Beautiful Things

If you want to add a pop of color to your kitchen, consider displaying funky 1960s kitchen accessories. Look for retro patterns and bright colors and put those exposed shelves to work. Head to your local thrift store and raid the Corning pieces or dig through your grandma's stash for a few pieces you can show off to lend a nostalgic feel to your space.

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Update Your Storage Containers

Kitchen with yellow containers

Alexa Chambers

If you have the counter space, we love keeping those essential ingredients right in plain sight. But instead of option for clear glass containers, try something a little more retro and cheerful. These sunny yellow canisters are perfect for pairing with a white kitchen to give it a pop of color and channel the 1960s in the best way.

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Add a Little Rattan

Kitchen with rattan mirror

Dawn Sailors

Rattan was invented in the 1800s but had a rise in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s . Rattan can add a laid-back feel to your kitchen and is definitely an unexpected material to bring into your space. Whether you add a mirror or wall art as seen in this kitchen or you swap your bar stools for rattan ones, consider bringing a bit of '60s southern California to your kitchen.