The Best Bathrooms All Have This in Common—Does Yours?

Updated 01/10/17

Just as the kitchen went from merely being a room where you prepare food to being a heart-of-the-home space where everyone congregates after a long day, the bathroom has gotten a similar treatment in recent years. Once regarded only as a place where—ahem—essential private things took place, it has now been rebranded into a sanctuary, a luxe space where to pamper oneself, unwind, and relax. It's no surprise that bathroom design has significantly shifted, too.

Last year, our favorite bathrooms didn't only feature marble countertops, subway tiles, and brass fixtures (staples that we've come to know and love), but they had a more sophisticated flair: vintage rugs, luxury products, and statement furniture has all become part of the latest bathroom vernacular. So how do you transform your own space into a lavish relaxing sanctuary? Whether you're planning on a full-blown gut reno or infusing your space with a few small accents, these are the trends that made our favorite bathrooms unforgettable last year.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green bathroom
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Instagram first tipped us to the fact that seafoam green was trending in bathrooms everywhere when bathrooms in the green hue started amassing significantly more likes than bathrooms in other colors. This glass-walled number was a favorite.

Plush Rugs

bathroom with plush rug
Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Alexander Design

Who needs a bath mat when you can have a plush vintage rug? Bathrooms in 2016 started feeling more "decorated" than designed, with items typically found in other rooms seeping into wet areas.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

bathroom with wall-mounted faucets
Courtesy of Septembre Architecture

With homes getting smaller and smaller, it's no surprise that this clever space-saving trick became a bathroom staple in 2016. This trend was especially popular in weathered brass and black finishes.

Art-Deco Influences

bathroom with Art-Deco influences
Nicole Franzen

Rounded vanities, lacquered wood finishes, and deeply veined colored marbles made their way into bathrooms everywhere, proving that Art Deco is, in fact, making a comeback. Another noteworthy Deco staple we saw a lot this year: terrazzo.

Square Subway Tiles

bathroom with square subway tiles
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

We've all had a love affair with traditional subway tiles for years, but this year we saw a different type of subway tile emerge: the square tile with dark grout. Popular in Scandinavian designs, it made its way into bathrooms everywhere, like in this Brooklyn townhouse.

Statement Furniture

bathroom with statement furniture
Courtesy of The Line

The bathroom may not have been the place where to traditionally place your statement modern chairs, but 2016 forced us to reconsider. Why not have statement furniture to appoint our most lavish bath sessions?

Black Marble

bathroom with black marble
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Blame it on the impending extinction of Carrara marble or the rise of edgier designs, but black marble definitely started replacing its white counterpart in 2016, and we're only going to see more of it in coming months.

Luxe Products

bathroom with luxe products
Courtesy of JJ Locations

And the award goes to… Aésop bath products, for seeping into every single bathroom counter last year. It seems as though everyone wants to get that boutique hotel feel, and why shouldn't we? It's the little luxuries that make life more enjoyable (and Instagrammable).

Freestanding Tubs

bathroom with freestanding tub
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Whether clawfoot or soaking, freestanding tubs blew up our Instagram stats as one of the most beloved trends. It seems showering in bathtubs is no longer a thing—but finding the space for both a tub and shower is a luxury not readily available to all. One can only dream.

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