Will These Be the Biggest Trends in Wellness in 2016?

Everywhere you look websites, television shows, and celebrity bloggers are coming up with their end-of-the-year lists as well as their predictions for the upcoming 12 months. One website’s list recently caught my eye: Mind Body Green’s 10 wellness trends to watch in 2016. As someone who has spent the past few months becoming increasingly interested in my personal well-being, I was eager to learn what would be revolutionary in 2016. Here are five predictions that I found particularly fascinating. For all 10 of the things that they are forecasting, visit Mind Body Green.

  1. More accessible fresh-pressed juice. Just how Keurig changed the coffee landscape, a company called Juicero is hoping to alter the juice industry. Think delicious juice in your own home with none of the ugly cleanup. It’s hard to imagine how this would turn out, but I am curious to learn more.
  2. More all-inclusive wellness studies. Gyms where you pick up a healthy and delicious meal after an intense workout, mediation spaces where you can meet like-minded people, and yoga studios with tea rooms are starting to pick up steam. Sign me up!
  3. Travel will get better and healthier. Luxury hotels are offering more and more wellness experiences. Think complimentary green juice in the morning and spa treatments that incorporate a 30-minute consultation with stress therapists.
  4. More balance in the workplace. Young people want work-life balance and more and more companies will take note of this.
  5. Homes will become our sanctuaries. Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up will continue to influence our daily lives. As we try to declutter and style our personal space, they will become more cozy and comforting sanctuaries.

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What wellness trends do you think will be big in the new year?