Quiz: Which Top Interior Trend Should You Try?

Updated 10/23/17

When a new home décor trend surfaces or a new collection gets released, it can be tempting to completely redecorate from scratch. But there are two problems with this method: First, it cannot be sustainable to redecorate twice a year—no one has the time or the money; and second, all the trends that come eventually go, leaving you with a mismatch of items that were once all the rage, but have now fallen into oblivion. Case in point: How many chevron and batik pillows do you still own? 

We have a better approach: If you carefully pick a few items each season to introduce into your already existing décor, what is once a trend can become a beloved heirloom to keep for decades to come. The trick is in knowing which trends to follow and which ones to pass on. So how do you identify the trends you'll love forever from the ones you'll tire of within six months? We've crafted a series of questions to help you identify your next décor move. Take the quiz and find out.

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