Step Aside, Pantone—This Is MyDomaine's Spring Color Prediction

When we recently asked paint experts to share their best tips for choosing the perfect wall color, we found one surprising common thread in all their answers: Paint colors should always be the last thing you choose in a room. Contrary to popular belief, in which paint colors are often picked well ahead of a move-in date or before choosing furniture, experts agreed that if picked correctly, paint colors have the power to tie an entire room together. But only if each element was already in place and carefully considered against the possible paint swatches.

In the same vein, most interior designers agree that paint is the single most cost-effective way to transform a room—which begs the question: Is your space painted its best possible color? With the wide array of considerations that come with picking the perfect shade for your walls—whether your windows are north-facing or which undertones you want in a white—it's easy to default back to a safe white. But in the name of originality, we picked the best non-white paint colors that are trending in interiors this season so you can refresh your room without needing to turn to the overwhelming number of choices on a wall of paint swatches.

Are you itching for a palette of military greens, a soft interior filled with muted neutrals, or a fan deck of bold sunset hues? We've got the perfect paint colors to give your space new life this spring.

Military Tones

Next up: It's official—these paint color trends are out.