Time to Plan a Date Night—2019 Romance Horoscopes Are Here

2019 horoscopes

There are a few things we always get excited about at the beginning of a new year: setting personal goals, the promise of spring being just around the corner, and new TV shows. The first one on our list is The CW's premiere of Roswell, New Mexico. The show follows the complicated love lives of the town's citizens, some of whom just happen to be aliens. In honor of the new series which aired January 15, we're looking into what's to be expected of our own love lives in 2019. To take a cue from the stars, we tapped our resident astrologist, Amelia Quint, to share each sign's romance horoscope of 2019. Discover yours below.

capricorn horoscope 2019

You have a reputation for being pretty conventional when it comes to love, but when rebellious Uranus sets up shop in your romance zone March 6, you'll be ready to throw out the rule book. Over the next seven years, what you want from your love life shifts dramatically. You crave electric chemistry and out-of-this-world connections, and you won't settle for anything less. With eclipses in your pleasure and partnership houses (in January and July, respectively), this is a total metamorphosis. If you're partnered up, you reach new heights of closeness with your love, and if you're single, you could finally find someone who's worth the effort. Whatever happens, it's powerful.

aquarius horoscope 2019

Your love life gets off to an exciting start this year with a total solar eclipse in your relationship house on January 21! It's the last in a series of eclipses that unfolded over the past two years, slowly revealing what you want your ideal relationship to look like. As you peeled back the layers, you may have realized that the love you give yourself is even more important to you than love you get from a partner. Even better, lucky Jupiter is in your friendship and networking zone through December, meaning you'll have plenty of admirers in your social circle, or on social! The biggest lesson you learn this year is that love doesn't have to be a pairing in order to be fulfilling. You are enough.

pisces horoscope 2019

Mark your calendar for July 2, because it just might be the most romantic day of your 2019! With a heartwarming Cancer total solar eclipse activating your playful fifth house, you could go on a vacation with a crush or spend quality time with your long-term lover. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter in your publicity zone squares off with dreamy Neptune in your sign in January, June, and September, prompting you to think more deeply about how much of your love life you share with others. It could be time to make things Instagram official, or maybe you'll decide to keep them under wraps. Whatever you choose, it works out for the best, even if there's some awkwardness along the way.

aries horoscope 2019

You'll breathe a massive sigh of relief once rebel planet Uranus moves out of your sign March 6. For better or for worse, it's been your constant companion for the last seven years, sparking some dramatic personal growth. While not everyone you love has been able to grow with you, you'll recognize that it has opened up the door for new, improved relationships to take their place. Even better, the Leo total solar eclipse puts finishing touches on a two-year cycle of flashpoints in your love life. The intensity of your crushes may have waxed and waned, but your desire for passion never does. Remember that you can just as easily find that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling through creativity and self-love.

taurus horoscope 2019

When surprise planet Uranus moves into your sign on March 6 for a seven-year stay, all bets are off. You're about to evolve at lightning speed in every area of your life, and people can either get on board or say adieu. During this period, you might find that you're attracted to people who are totally outside your usual type, so keep an open mind as you're mixing and mingling! (Secret tip: It's also great for online dating!) Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter in your eighth house of sexuality and sharing prompts you to be more vulnerable in your connections. You usually take relationships slow, but in 2019, you fall hard and fast. As long as you keep your boundaries strong, you're going to love what this year has in store for you.

It's the moment you've been waiting for! In 2019, you’ll have lucky Jupiter in your partnership zone through December, giving you a once-in-12-years opportunity to meet a true kindred spirit. Expect this connection to start out playful and friendly, and then turn serious. With committed Saturn and magnetic Pluto lighting up your intimacy zone all year, you're definitely playing the long game when it comes to romance. Still, there's no reason why you can't enjoy how good this connection feels in the moment. If you're already spoken for, expect your relationship to reach an important milestone this year, like saying the L-word, moving in together, or tying the knot. One thing's for sure: You'll be feeling the love.

gemini horoscope 2019

After last July's solar eclipse in your sign, your life looks totally different now than it did back then. You've changed so much in such a short period of time, expanding your capacity for love and care. This July, another eclipse in your sign ties up any loose ends from last year and reveals just how far you've come since then. You'll have a lot to be proud of. Meanwhile, you'll have a heavy combination of Saturn, Pluto, and four eclipses in your relationship zone to contend with this year. It's going to bring serious changes to your partnerships (think major makeups or breakups), but as long as you use the inner strength you've gained so far to steady yourself, there's nothing that can knock you.

cancer horoscope 2019

What's love got to do with it? In 2019, your answer is everything! Thanks to lucky Jupiter in your romance zone through December, you're totally in love with the idea of love. Whether you're single or partnered up, old-school glamour is the way to your heart, so bring on the flowers and chocolate. You could also fall for someone you work with creatively, so if you're an artist, keep your eyes open! Meanwhile, Neptune in your seductive eighth house increases your powers of attraction. When Jupiter and Neptune square off this year in January, June, and September, be clear about what you want. Whether it's a whirlwind or a slow burn, it feels better when everyone's on the same page.

leo horoscope 2019

It's no secret that you're a perfectionist, but is your obsession with work distracting you from having the love life you're secretly craving? With ambitious Saturn and Pluto and a hardworking series of eclipses activating your romance sector this year, it's time to find a balance between business and pleasure. Fortunately, when rebel planet Uranus moves out of your intimacy zone March 6, you'll find it much easier to let loved ones in. Plus spiritual Neptune in your seventh house of partnerships gives you some much-needed perspective. Don't sacrifice your dreams for someone else, but do make sure that your relationships are getting the time and energy they need to thrive.

virgo horoscope 2019

In 2019, expect the unexpected when it comes to love! You'll have rebel planet Uranus wrapping up a seven-year trek through your relationship zone March 6, when it moves into your sensuality sector for the next long phase of its journey through the zodiac. Even if you're usually a traditionalist when it comes to romance, you might surprise yourself with your desires. Remember, there's nothing wrong with wanting what you want! Be proud of who you are, and let those intense passions inspire you. During this period, you're as likely to find yourself switching things up in the bedroom as you are to book yourself in for some therapy to make sure you're the best partner you can possibly be. Don't limit your pleasure.

libra horoscope 2019

In 2019, your love life is about to get wild. When defiant Uranus moves into your relationship zone March 6 for a seven-year stay, you suddenly need way more freedom than you did before. Over the next 12 months, you and your lover adjust to create an atmosphere that lets you explore your newfound independent streak. Even better, your partnerships benefit from you having more alone time, or time with unconventional and inspiring friends. This is all supported by spiritual Neptune in your pleasure sector, reminding you to savor the good things in life. For now, the most romantic thing you can do is appreciate the feeling of the moment.

sagittarius horoscope 2019

When volatile Uranus finally moves out of your romance zone on March 6 for the first time in seven years, the drama level in your interpersonal connections takes a very welcome nosedive. Meanwhile, a Cancer solar eclipse in your intimacy house on July 2 opens your heart like your favorite yoga pose. It mirrors what happened last year around the same time, and shows off just how far you've come as a lover, partner, and friend. Even if you've been through some tough times, do your best to trust that both the universe and other people have good intentions, especially since lucky Jupiter is in your sign through December!

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