Your 2020 Horoscopes are Here—This Is What the New Decade Has in Store

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It’s the start of a fresh decade, and one that’s going to make you even stronger than the last. The year kicks off with lucky Jupiter, serious Saturn, and powerful Pluto all in Capricorn, a sign that thrives on hard work and even bigger goals. With Jupiter making positive connections with Saturn, Pluto, and dreamy Neptune all year long, you’ve got more support than you realize, so set your New Year’s resolutions high. The stars are aligned for you to skyrocket past last year’s progress and into a brand new personal era.

Once Saturn moves into visionary Aquarius for a short stay from March 21 to July 1, you’ll get a preview of what that’ll be. (Spoiler alert: expect fewer restrictions and more freedom.) By the time Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 17, you’ll be primed and ready to tackle your new challenge. Meanwhile, love goddess Venus and motivation planet Mars retrograde this year bring your relationships up for review. It might manifest as tough conversations, both with others and within yourself, but trust that you’re building a beautiful life that you can be passionate about.

The stars are aligned for you to skyrocket past last year’s progress and into a brand new personal era.

Curious what part of your life will experience the most growth this year? Read on to find out.

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Your upcoming year: You’ll be in the entrepreneurial spirit this year, thanks to lucky Jupiter, driven Saturn, and influential Pluto cruising through your professional sector. Even better, Saturn takes a brief spin through your networking zone from March 21 to July 1, and Jupiter follows suit after December 19. If you’ve been angling for a new job, promotion, or major launch, the people you meet this year will help you make it happen!

Still, with Mars retrograde in your sign from September 9 to November 13, there’s a good chance you’ll spend the better part of the fall weighing whether or not your current career plan is giving you the satisfaction you’d hoped it would. Fortunately, you’ll end 2020 much clearer about what you need from a role in order to be happy.

Mark your calendar: April 4, June 20, and November 12. When Jupiter aligns with potent Pluto, your powers of attraction will be at an all-time high! Use those days to draw new career opportunities or potential VIP mentors into your orbit.

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Your upcoming year: Ever since changemaker Uranus entered your sign last spring, life’s felt like an adventure—and with fortunate Jupiter, savvy Saturn, and strong Pluto in your wild-at-heart ninth house this year, you’re ready to cover even more new ground. Whether you’re racking up airline miles or making inner discoveries through writing or spirituality, embrace the feeling of being far from the familiar.

You’ll put what you’ve learned to the test from March 21 to July 1, when Saturn gives you a preview of his transit to your career zone next year. You refine what you’re good at and hone your skills to an enviable level, one that the people in your industry admire and are more than happy to reward. Once Jupiter joins him there on December 19, you skyrocket to the top of your trade.

Mark your calendar: May 13 to June 25. With your ruler Venus retrograde in your self- and net-worth sector, you’ll have to banish doubts about whether or not you’re deserving of the big wins that are headed your way this year. Trust that you’ve earned it, Taurus!

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Your upcoming year: This year, it’s all about emotions! With expansive Jupiter, grown-up Saturn, and intense Pluto all moving through your intimacy zone, you’re ready to open your heart up wide for the right people. Fortunately, Jupiter’s the luckiest planet in the sky, so with him on your side, you receive more love than you’re used to. You’ll have to be vulnerable, but it feels good once you get the hang of it.

When Saturn dips his toe into the deep waters of your personal growth zone from March 21 to July 1, you could realize areas of your life where you’ve pinned yourself in. Fortunately, Jupiter into the same part of your horoscope on December 19 means you’ll break out of any self-made boxes in no time with the help of an exciting media project, new course of study, or overseas trip. Get your passport ready!

Mark your calendar: May 13 to June 25. Love goddess Venus retrograde in your sign gives you the cosmic space you need to update your relationships. You outgrow some people, and grow into a more beautiful version of yourself.

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Your upcoming year: You’ve always taken your partnerships seriously, but with growth-oriented Jupiter, serious Saturn, and transformative Pluto in your relationship zone this year, they’re about to go even deeper. A full moon eclipse in your sign on January 10 brings closure to whatever started in your life last summer, and a final new moon eclipse in your sign on June 21 lets you start completely fresh, without any baggage weighing you down.

Fortunately, a Sagittarius new moon eclipse on June 21 marks the beginning of a new cycle and takes some of the cosmic pressure off. After that, you’ll feel things start to ease. Your next two years are all about health and healing, which will be quite welcome after so much intensity! It’s a great time to rest up and retreat from the hardship of everyday life through spiritual practice or energizing daily routines.

Mark your calendar: January 12. When Saturn and Pluto align, you recognize where your relationships are out of balance and course-correct accordingly.

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Your upcoming year: This year, you work hard and play hard. With playful Jupiter, responsible Saturn, and powerful Pluto in your health and habits zone, the stars are aligned for you to get your body, mind, and soul in tip-top shape. There’s a good chance it’ll involve showing yourself some tough love, but the rewards will be well worth the effort.

When Saturn visits your relationship zone for a spell from March 21 to July 1, you might surprise yourself by how ready you are to commit to a new partnership. Take it slow, especially with love goddess Venus retrograde in your friendship zone from May 13 to June 25. You might encounter a few haters, but you’re just as likely to reconnect with kindred spirits you’d lost touch with. Know that the ones who truly support you will hang around long after Venus is direct!

Mark your calendar: September 9 through November 13. You could bite off more than you can chew thanks to a feisty Mars retrograde in fellow fire sign Aries, your expansion zone. Don’t worry—you’ll do fine as long as you keep your expectations in check!

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Your upcoming year: What’s your passion? With lucky Jupiter, shrewd Saturn, and magnetic Pluto in your charming fifth house, your charisma is off the charts this year. What you decide to do with that energy is up to you, since this part of your horoscope is so varied. It can signify crushes, so single Virgos rejoice! You could attract just the person you’ve been hoping for. If you’ve been trying for a baby, that could happen this year, too. Or, you could fall head over heels for an artistic endeavor that fuels your creative fire.

Pay attention to what really lights you up while Venus is retrograde in your professional sector from May 13 to June 25. If you feel disillusioned with your current job, could you give it a makeover to become something that’s more fulfilling? If not, is it time to look elsewhere? Listen to your heart, and for best results, wait to make any major moves until after Venus is direct. You might find that all you really needed was a change in perspective.

Mark your calendar: January 12, when Saturn and Pluto form a rare alignment along with your patron Mercury. This only happens every 20 years, so the message you receive now really is as big as it seems! 

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Your upcoming year: Home’s where your heart is this year, with lucky Jupiter, responsible Saturn, and intense Pluto all lined up in your domestic fourth house. Your goal for the next twelve months? Building a stable home base, whether that’s through finding a better living arrangement or spending more time with people who feel like family. Whether you’re staying in a house, an apartment, or a hotel room, it’s all about finding your sanctuary.

You’ll want to be careful who you share your space with this year, because Mars retrograde in Aries—your opposing sign and partnership zone—means not everyone you meet will be able keep up with where you’re going in life. As long as you protect your goals and prioritize yourself, you can’t lose.

Mark your calendar: May 13 to June 25. Love goddess Venus retrograde in your wanderlust zone could inspire you to get far away from your current digs. It’s a great time for a retreat or cashing in some airline perks, but not so good for making a more permanent move. Some preventive self-care and strategically deployed vacation days could keep you out of trouble!

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Your upcoming year: Pluto, your planetary ruler, is keeping busy this year—and you will too! He’ll sync with hardworking Saturn on January 12, to help you communicate your message with more authority. Then he’ll align with auspicious Jupiter on April 4, June 30, and November 5, giving you three shining moments to connect with powerful people who’ll show you how to get on their level. All this is happening in your social sector, so expect to be in high demand in 2020!

Even so, Venus retrograde in your intimacy zone from May 13 to June 25 could make it hard to open up to new people. Or, you might fall hard and fast for someone, only to have it fizzle out later in the summer. Your best bet? Instead of looking for validation outside yourself, ramp up your self-love. Whether it’s a spa day or a great therapy session, you feel better when you take care of you first.

Mark your calendar: September 9 to November 13. Mars retrograde in Aries in your health and habits zone could lead to schedule snafus or serious overcommitment. Set firm boundaries to avoid burnout.

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Your upcoming year: This year, your mystical dreams become material reality. Thanks to lucky Jupiter in your money zone, you’ll see concrete benefits to whatever you dreamed up last year when Jupiter was in your sign! He’s making connections to hardworking Saturn, imaginative Neptune, and powerful Pluto this year, so you accomplish more when you reach outside yourself for help. Your professional network comes in handy, especially when Saturn moves into your social sector from March 21 to July 1.

When Jupiter cozies up to influential Pluto on April 4, June 30, and November 5, you could see your net worth spike—and your self-worth along with it! Even better, good vibes from magical Neptune on February 20, July 27, and October 12 help you manifest your goals in ways you previously didn’t think were possible. As long as you do the work and keep the faith, 2020 on track to be one of your best!

Mark your calendar: There’s two eclipses in your sign this year—a full moon eclipse on June 5 and a new moon eclipse on December 14. Eclipses bring dramatic shifts that bring you closer to what you really want, but it might mean leaving behind something else. Whatever happens, know that it’s for the best!

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Your upcoming year: Lucky Jupiter in your sign until December 12 will be a powerful cosmic ally! You’ve been dealing with tough-love Saturn and heavy-hitting Pluto for years now, transforming your life from the inside out. But now that Jupiter’s on your side, you can finally start reaping the benefits of all the hard work you’ve put in so far. One thing’s for sure: you’re about to be in the cosmic spotlight, so get ready for your close-up!

Even better, Saturn’s brief foray into your money zone from March 21 to July 1 will give you a taste of how you can turn your past lessons into profit. By the time Saturn lands there for a more long-term stay on December 17 and Jupiter follows suit, you’ll be ready to rake in the cash, whether through smart investing, a new business, or a combination of the above.

Mark your calendar: July 5. The full moon eclipse in your sign that day is the last in a series that’s helped you clarify who you want to become. After this, you’ll have achieved that goal!

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Your upcoming year: You’re a rebel at heart, but this year, you learn how to embrace responsibility. With hardworking Saturn into your sign from March 21 to July 1, you take on a new career challenge and get your first taste of what you’ll be able to accomplish with him on your side later this year and well into the next. You could turn a unique talent or outside-the-box vision into an empire with the right structure to support it.

With lucky Jupiter into your sign on December 17, whatever you’ve been working on throughout the year takes flight! It signals twelve months of unprecedented growth, and both your outer reputation and inner self get a boost from these good vibes. Until then, you’ll be laying the groundwork for your big reveal this winter. Be patient and know that your awards show moment is just around the corner!

Mark your calendar: December 21. When Jupiter aligns with Saturn in your sign, you’ll be practically unstoppable! Whatever you decide to build now has staying power.

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Your upcoming year: After last year’s tough squares between Jupiter and your ruler, Neptune, you’re ready for a lucky break. Fortunately, that’s what this year has in store! These two planets finally decide to play nice, forming flowing sextiles to one another on February 20, July 27, and October 12 that deliver positive messages and golden opportunities. Your social network can help you reach ever greater heights thanks to Jupiter in your groups zone, so keep your Instagram and LinkedIn polished up.

Your sensitive sign hates conflict, but with Venus and Mars retrogrades on the horizon, there’s drama brewing. With love goddess Venus retrograde in your emotions zone from May 13 to June 25, be gentle with your heart and remind the people you love to do the same. Plus, a brash Mars retrograde in your worth sector from September 9 to November 13 means you’ll have to stand up for what you value. Luckily, whatever happens this year will leave you so much stronger than you were before!

Mark your calendar: Two eclipses in your professional zone—a full moon eclipse on June 5 and a new moon eclipse on December 14—help you make serious career moves this year. Keep your business cards handy!

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