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These New Bedroom Trends Will Make 2021 a Dream

Green monochrome bedroom.


As far as we’re concerned, a bedroom is a lot more than somewhere you clock in eight precious hours of sleep a night. Unlike the rest of your home—which is designed with guests and roommates in mind—the bedroom gives your permission to be a little selfish. You can decorate it however you please and use it for some much-needed “you time,” without tidying it up every time you have visitors. Plus, your bedroom has been your happy place in the whirlwind, chaotic previous months.

Unlike the rest of your home—which is designed with guests and roommates in mind—the bedroom gives your permission to be a little selfish.

But just because your bedroom is the one place where you can be you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t keep up with the latest trends. If you want to breathe some new life into the bedroom in 2021, look no further. We asked several designers about the bedroom design trends they think will be big in the near future. Though their responses run the gamut from crisp, white bedding to multi-functional spaces, it’s clear that beauty sleep has never looked so good.

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Touchy Feely

textured bedroom

Black and Blooms

“Texture, texture, texture. Whether it comes through in your bed linens, on the walls via wallpaper, or through a window seat refresh with cozier textiles, my clients are anticipating they’ll be burrowing this winter and are looking for comfort.” —Kathleen Walsh, designer

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Ciao Clutter

minimal bedroom

Design: Bespoke Only; Photo: Nicole Franzen

“My clients want their bedrooms to be meditative spaces. If they can't find a small space to make a calming room or meditation space, they are co-opting the bedroom. Removing all of the excess and paring down to quality case goods, mattresses, window treatments, and Italian made bedding. They want the feel of luxury. They want to feel as if their bedroom is part of their vacation dream.”—Joy Williams, principal of Joyful Designs Studio

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On Cloud Nine

Four post bed.

Pulp Design Studios

“A trend that never goes out of style is all-white bedding. When you can swap out decorative pillows on crisp white linens, you’ll always be on trend.” —Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry, co-founders of Pulp Design Studios

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The Great Indoors

Green monochrome bedroom.


"Specifically for bedrooms, there are a couple of things we love. Firstly, textures: adding interest to walls with specialized paint finishes, and on the bed, subtle woven details and fabrics. Color-wise, shades of green are soothing and fresh, continuing the theme of connecting our interiors to nature."—Nicolle Sullivan, founder of CULTIVER

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Multi-Purpose Pad

Colorful window shades.

Design: Laurie Blumenfeld Design; Photo: Tim Williams

“One of the biggest trends I see for 2021 is carving up spaces to become multi-functional while maintaining a stylish vibe. For example, your bedroom may need to also serve as a gym or a home office.”—Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo, principal of Laurie Blumenfeld Design

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Sweet Dreams

Bright bedroom

Julia Robbs

“Awareness and respect for the natural rhythms of light and their effect on health and sleep have swung the pendulum when it comes to window treatments. Heavy ornate draperies and black outs are giving way to breezy, and in some cases sheer treatments which provide a modicum of privacy but still allow light to pass.”—John McClain, designer

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Smiling Style

Neutral bedrooom.

M. Lavender Interiors  

“I believe as families continue to work and educate from home, the cliché of the bedroom as a sanctuary becomes more relevant and realistic. I think both primary and kids' bedrooms will become more of a place to gain some momentary solitude in addition to a place to sleep. I believe we will trend away from dark colors to a lighter, yet colorful palette as people want more happy environments.” —Mark Lavender, principal of M. Lavender Interiors