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The 2023 Bathroom Trends We Can't Wait to See

From soaking tubs to upgraded tile.

Pink tiled bathroom with three rounded mirrors.

Cathie Hong Interiors

There’s no underestimating how important your bathroom’s design is. After all, the small but mighty space is where you get ready for and wind down from each day. If you’re in the market for a bathroom refresh—whether that’s replacing some seen-better-days tiles, adding some drama with an accent wall, or simply creating a more relaxing shower space—you’ll want to put your money and effort towards a trend that’ll both look and feel fresh come the new year. Most importantly though, trendy or not, you’ll want your bathroom to reflect both your style and lifestyle.

To get an insider’s perspective, we turned to three interior designers for their predictions. Read on for the 2023 bathroom trends they say we’ll see (and love!) in the new year and beyond.

Meet the Expert

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Dramatic Wall Coverings

2023 bathroom trends

Lauren Pressey for Carrie Livingston

“Forget about the powder room frills and florals,” interior designer Carrie Livingston says. Instead, she thinks wallcoverings are heading for a far more dramatic territory to make big statements in small spaces.

“For this California home, we used a bold Gucci print floor-to-ceiling for an unforgettable impression," she shares with us. "There are so many amazing prints to choose from, and if you’re doing this in a powder room (as opposed to a bathroom) a peel-and-stick option is a great option."

Not brave enough to wallpaper the whole room? Start with one wall—that’ll still make a huge impact.

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Zellige Tile Migrating From the Kitchen to the Bathroom

2023 bathroom trends

Molly Rose for Hunter Carson Design

Take it from Mandy Gregory of Hunter Carson Design: zellige tile, the hand-cut mosaic tiles known for their oh-so-beautiful irregularities, will make their way into bathroom designs come the new year. Its imperfect charm adds texture, character, and a focal point, even if you keep the rest of your bathroom design simple and straightforward. 

“The handmade tile brings warmth, comfort, and coziness to bathrooms without compromising style. It melds organic texture and natural color—think white, blue, and other tones—to both primary bathroom suites and powder rooms,” Gregory says. “Bathrooms are often light-deprived spaces, so this is also a great way to keep it from getting too dark, especially if your bathroom has small or no windows. Zellige can create light without the sterility of more common bathroom finishes.” 

The one downside of Zellige tile? It’s an investment. If you’re feeling skittish about the cost, Gregory suggests tiling just one wall to impact the entire feel of the room. 

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Soaking Tubs

2023 bathroom trends

Molly Rose for Hunter Carson Design

Since self-care is no longer seen as a splurge, and instead of a way of life—as it should be!—having a dedicated spot to relax in your bathroom is going to be a priority again come 2023.

“People will be incorporating ways to relax in their home design now more than ever, so many of our clients are wanting to bring back the soaking bathtub as a true haven in their home,” Gregory says. “And nothing does this like a dedicated space for just the tub. It heightens the ability to truly retreat and relax.”

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The Bigger, The Better

2023 bathroom trends

Robb McCormick for Carrie Livingston

Mark Livingston’s words: “Huge slab stone will continue to make a big statement in the bathroom,” she says. “It’s one of the best ways to get big visual drama from a totally natural element.”

In 2023, she predicts we’re going to see the trend carry into dramatically hued stone—not just grays, blacks, and whites. This isn’t the most budget-friendly of trends, either in terms of material or installation, but it sure is pretty.

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Showers Getting a Mood-Elevating Lift

2023 bathroom trends

Lauren Pressey for Carrie Livingston

Livingston predicts that, come 2023, aromatherapy, light therapy, and music will all play a big part in creating a relaxing morning routine.

“There are now some great apps that allow you to set a vibe to your shower that hits all of the senses, whether you’re looking to stay focused or jolt the senses,” she says. “Light, color, smell, and sound in the shower can now all adjust from our phones.”

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Getting Funky With Tile Patterns

2023 bathroom trends

Amanda Barnes Interiors

Interior designer Amanda Barnes is calling it now: “Stamped patterned tiles in geometrical shapes and funky patterns will be everywhere in 2023,” she says. “People are being braver as we head into 2023 and craving happy bright colors in design—a change I welcome!”

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Upgraded Kids’ Bathrooms

2023 bathroom trends

Molly Rose for Hunter Carson Design

“Gone are the days of the basic subway tiled jack and jill,” Gregory says. In 2023, look for kids’ bathrooms to get the same luxury treatment that the adults' bathrooms (rightfully) received.

“Parents are now indulging their offspring with custom tile, high-end hardware, highly customized features, and a coordinated bedroom/bathroom color palette,” she says. Lucky kiddos!