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The 2023 Bedroom Decorating Trends Designers Are Loving

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Lauren Pressey for Carrie Livingston

There’s no better time to spruce up your space—whether your bedroom, bathroom, or living room—than as soon as the calendar flips to the new year. Consider it a fresh start to revamp your home into what you want and need from it. Our advice? Begin with your bedroom, the ultimate relaxing zone where you’ll clock in plenty of shut-eye to take on 2023.

To find out how we can transform our bedrooms in the new year (and beyond), we asked a few interior designers for their predictions for 2023 bedroom decorating trends. Scroll on to read about the unexpected color you might see, the luxe resort vibe you might emulate, and the item you should off your nightstand. 

Go ahead, transform your space 2023-style with any (or all!) of the following trends.

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Lamp-Free Nightstands

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Ellie Lillstrom for Kirsten Conner

New year, new nightstand situation. Come 2023, consider it time to make some room on your small but mighty nightstand. (It could likely use a dusting anyway.) The best way to do that? Rethink your lighting situation.   

“Sconces flanking the headboard not only provide better task lighting for reading and visually balance a bed, but they also keep side tables free of a lamp,” interior designer Kirsten Conner says. “Once you free that space up from lighting, suddenly you have more real estate for charging devices, books, coffee, or a nightcap.”

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Clear The Clutter

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Lauren Pressey for Hunter Carson Design

Lynn Stone of Hunter Carson Design is calling it now: “Less-is-more décor in the bedroom will be huge in 2023,” she says, with the goal of a minimalist design leading to the maximum amount of sleep. To achieve the look, stick to a limited, mostly neutral color palette—think creams, beiges, and pops of black—and clear out all unnecessary items. That means goodbye to clutter, busy patterns, and technology. 

“You want your bed to be the star of the bedroom, with a supporting cast of beautiful, unfussy nightstands, and soft lighting,” Stone says. And as for that Peloton currently cast in the corner of your bedroom, Stone encourages you to find another, more appropriate home for it. “It’s time to move it out of the sleep room,” she says.

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Kids’ Bedrooms Will Get An Upgrade

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Lauren Pressey for Hunter Carson Design

If you have kids, consider this the year you redo their rooms to create spaces everyone can enjoy, as Stone predicts kids’ bedrooms will take the spotlight in 2023. “Parents are going all out on their kids’ bedrooms with wallcoverings, designer hardware, and high-end paints,” she says. Who knows, maybe they’ll even pick up their Legos in the new year!

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The Return of Reddish Bedrooms

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Julie Mannell for Kirsten Conner

If you’re thinking of painting your bedroom in the new year, chances are red isn’t at the top of the list of tones you've been mulling over. In 2023, that may change. 

This isn’t on-the-nose fire engine red: think richer, calmer shades of paprika, brick, or magenta. The trick is to use the hue in small, strategic doses, like on a headboard wall.

“This brings a warm backdrop to the bedroom without visually overwhelming it,” Kirsten Conner says. “It’s a moment of color and passion and coziness.”

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Footboards Will Make a Comeback

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Ryan Garvin for MBC Interior Design

Don’t let the foot of your bed go unnoticed in the new year. “Most beds have a headboard, but now in 2023, we’re going to see a resurgence of footboards,” Mary Beth Christopher of MBC Interior Design says. Footboards bring a substantial, stately feel to a bed, making for an ultra-tempting space you’ll want to crawl into every night. 

“Footboards also make being in the bed feel cozier and more comfortable, especially when the head and footboards are upholstered,” Christopher says. 

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The High-Contrast Retreat Look Is In

2023 bedroom decorating trends

Lauren Pressey for Carrie Livingston

Forget a trip to Aspen. Instead, recreate that luxe getaway feel in your bedroom, where it can feel like a vacation every day. “People are yearning for luxurious private retreats, so dramatic and glamorous bedrooms will be huge in 2023,” Carrie Livingston tells us. 

“That means moody materials and colors—faux shagreen wallcoverings, rich velvets, as well as deep charcoals and other saturated tones—will all star in this sacred home space. For the same reasons, people will also be putting a premium on incredibly plush pillows and bedding,” Livingston says.