The Ultimate Guide to All the 2023 Colors of the Year

C2 Paints color of the year:tiramisu

C2 Paints

As 2023 approaches, popular home and paint brands are introducing colors of the year that encapsulate the positive and warm energy the year has in store for us with one theme in common—versatility. Color versatility encourages creativity and personal interpretation of any hue—it calls on individuals to take the time to plan and play with the shade in any way that would resonate with them within their personal spaces. Whether it be choosing a color to evoke a certain emotion or ambiance, the possibilities are endless in the way color makes us feel.

Here's the ultimate guide to all the colors of the year for 2023: find one that speaks to you.

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Redend Point by Sherwin Williams

Kitchen in Sherwin-Williams Redend Point


Sherwin William's color of the year Redend Point is an earthy and beige terracotta hue—it's an inviting neutral that promotes connectivity and versatility with other chosen materials and design forms. The color is best complemented by textiles or other earthy materials like clay or natural wood to create a space that inspires layering organic forms.

Redend Point is redefining neutrals as it has a blush undertone that sets a warm and comforting tone—if you're looking beyond minimal themes, the color can also be combined with floral patterns or greenery.

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Blank Canvas by Behr

Behr's Blank Canvas paint color


Behr's color of the year Blank Canvas is a classic and uplifting shade of white. The color is a timeless extension of hitting the reset button and personalizing it with other colors, textures, materials, and patterns. Due to its neutral base, individuals have complete freedom to incorporate the color in any way they want with whatever design they strive for—a blank canvas to be played with. Whether it is going completely maximalist or minimalist—there are no limitations to all design possibilities.

Blank Canvas is restoring the well-being nature of our home spaces by encouraging curating a space that feels like an oasis for us to rewind and genuinely feel comforted. Due to its versatile essence, it can be used in any shape or form.

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Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens

Better homes and garden 2023 color of the year

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens color of the year Canyon Ridge captures the coral blush cast that is often illuminated during golden hours when the sun is going down. The pinkish hue is its own sunbaked version of terracotta and transports individuals to a serene desert oasis. Canyon Ridge is best complemented by blues, which is its opposite friend on the color wheel, so it's guaranteed to make both colors stand out in any space.

Canyon Ridge can either elevate neutral shades or ground brighter jewel tones, which makes it a versatile choice for all homeowners to get creative.

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Vining Ivy by Glidden

Glidden's 2023 Color of the Year is Vining Ivy


Glidden's color of the year Vining Ivy sets a balance of a bold blue with a grounding emerald green which creates a dynamic balance. The hue sets a tranquil and striking intention of making a statement in any room it's used in. The deep and rich shade will elegantly contrast with any neutral palette it's used with guaranteeing a pop of color.

Vining Ivy can be painted as an accent wall to complement wooden furniture or be used as kitchen cabinetry colors to create a moody ambiance.

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Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy Paint's color of the year rustic greige

Dutch Boy Paints

Dutch Boy's color of the year Rustic Greige is a sophisticated and cozy grey with underlying warm red undertones. The medium neutral is the definition of versatility—it pairs well with either warm or cold tones making first-time homeowners' lives a bit easier since decorating and furnishing can often be daunting to coordinate. The shade creates a harmonious mood making it an ideal color for a home office or reading room.

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Multiple Colors by Valspar

Valspar 2023 color of the year


Valspar's color of the year was a collection of 12 colors instead of just one. All 12 colors were thoughtfully chosen in connection to nature—the color palette serves as a reminder of being mindful as we tread forward into the new year and sets a new tone of appreciating the natural beauty around us in our daily lives. From calming blues to joyful creams, Valspar wants its collection of colors to bring warmth and softness to our rooms.

  • Cozy White
  • Villa Grey
  • Rising Tide
  • Gentle Violet
  • Holmes Cream
  • Ivory Brown
  • Blue Arrow
  • Green Trellis
  • Desert Carnation
  • Southern Road
  • Flora
  • Everglade Deck
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Tiramisu by C2 Paint

C2 Paints color of the year:tiramisu

C2 Paints

C2 Paints color of the year Tiramisu is a decadent and earthy brown shade with flickers of gold and copper. Mimicking a type of natural wood, the neutral color acts as a grounding canvas and blends seamlessly behind art pieces and furnishings.

Tiramisu is an ideal color to use in any room that will be decorated heavily—the neutral undertones will help balance the room design instead of making it feel too busy or over-cluttered.

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Yellow-Orange Rubberband by Backdrop x Coming Soon

Backdrop x Coming Soon Color of the year: yellow-orange rubberband


Backdrop and Coming Soon, a New York-based design retailer, collaborated to create a bright and fun orange hue for this year's color of the year. Meet Yellow-orange Rubberband which encapsulates the playful nature of both brands—the color goes beyond "playing it safe" by sparking conversation and reinventing the regular paint palette.

Yellow-orange Rubberband is supposed to make a statement in any room, so it can be used anywhere around the house that is in need of some playful ambiance. Whether it be bringing in neutral or bright-colored furnishings—it will allow the color to shine by allowing it to be the focal point or complementing it.

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Alizarin by Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown color of the year: alizarin

Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown's color of the year Alizarin is a rich and moody auburn shade. The warm and deep hue gives off a comforting impression and will allow individuals to wind down in their humble abode. Alizarin can transform any large space into an intimate one where individuals feel connected to their room even while completing mundane tasks.

Alizarin can be paired up with any lighter colors to highlight its rich red hues—if not painted, the color can also be bought and used as curtains or shades.

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Spanish Moss by Krylon

Krylon color of the year: spanish moss


Krylon's color of the year Spanish Moss connects individuals to the restorative and organic elements of nature while also giving it a luxe touch with its gray undertones. Spanish Moss radiates versatility by balancing both cool and warm tones while also blending with various kinds of textures to create a unified space. The green shade encourages homeowners to enjoy raw colors and feel grounded in the natural environment.

Spanish Moss can be used to make metallic décor pieces stand out or be grouped with any organic textures like wood or clay.

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Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards' Terra Rosa


Dunn-Edwards color of the year Terra Rosa is a rosy hue that inspires subtly moving forward with color in the upcoming year. It's a dynamic and bold color that encourages neutral lovers to make the first step towards color, but at a pace, they're comfortable with thanks to its terracotta undertones. The color can be widely seen in everyday niches like fashion, lifestyle, and culture.

Terra Rosa is a glowing red to get cozy in a living room with a fireplace going on in the background—the color is suitable for any space, but would especially pop when paired with lighter-colored accents to accentuate the contrast.

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Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore

benjamin moore color of the year

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's color of the year Raspberry Blush is an electrifying red-orange shade that sets an upbeat and cheery tone for the new year ahead. It pushes individuals to get out of their comfort zone of basic color palettes and embrace a new kind of hue that may not be as familiar but not any less exciting. Raspberry Blush represents potential—the kind in which taking the leap of faith will pay off in the end and make a statement.

Raspberry Blush can be used to update an old room that is in need of an immediate ambiance transformation or even a table to bring in playfulness within a space.