The Home Trends Designers Are Excited About for 2023

Sectional sofa surrounding a room

John Merkl

Keeping up with trends is one way to ensure your home will continue to look and feel fresh. Curious as to what’s on the horizon for 2023, we asked top designers for their home décor predictions. The good news, according to the experts, is that breathing new life into your space doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

One thing is for certain:more and more people are taking stock in their surroundings. Incorporating greenery, heritage pieces and going bold with color are just some of the design trends they’re suggesting. 

Of course, there will never be universal agreement among designers when it comes to forecasting, but our experts do agree on one thing. “It's not so much about what’s trending,” shares Jen Samson, Principle and Founder, Jen Samson Design in Laguna Beach, California. “But more about how we, as designers, can help our clients feel at home and create a space that ultimately reflects their personal story.”

Ahead, 30 designers share their predictions for the new year.

Fluted Detailing

“We’re going to see a flurry of fluted details on things like wood furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and bathroom vanities in 2023. Fluting packs a visual punch and the rhythm and repetition makes it easy to incorporate in a home. We’re already spotting these details on upholstery in the form of a scalloped sofa hem or pillow trim. You can dip your toe into this trend by purchasing a fluted side table or mirror—even a scalloped trim on throw pillows will keep you fresh and on trend.”— Jean Liu, Principle, Jean Liu Design, Dallas, Texas

Moody Color

moody blue dining room

Design: Arlyn Hernandez; Photo: Sara Ligorria Tramp

“Design will go bold and moody in 2023—everything from cabinetry to wallpaper to furnishings. Dark colors have a reputation for making a space feel small but, when properly balanced and used with appropriate lighting, they can provide warmth and depth that light colors can't always achieve. A powder room, for example, is the perfect setting for a dark textured linen or grasscloth wallpaper. For extra oomph and a luxe look, paint the trim a matching dark hue.”— Jayme Ritchie, Associate Designer, Erika Jayne Design + Build, North Potomac, Maryland

“I’m excited for a shift to rooms with darker, richer hues. Think: black, blues, greens, warm neutrals, and rich brown. I love that these colors feel classic yet add color and depth without feeling too bright and colorful.” —Libby Rawes, Founder, Sharp + Grey Interiors, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Adding a layer of chocolate will be one way to refresh a space in 2023 if you’ve already committed to the recent colorways of beige, blush, and rust. The color is not only cozy, but it has a luxurious note to it. An easy way to embrace this trend is by painting all four walls and the ceiling of a smaller room in chocolate brown for a warm and snug effect.” — Natalie Myers, Owner/Design Principal, Veneer Designs, Los Angeles, California

Blue Marble 

“Clients crave color but want something that also feels natural and organic. In 2023, we’ll be seeing more blue marble, which keeps a space feeling light, fresh and natural. It looks great on countertops, floors, and around fireplaces.”— Colleen Healey, Principal/Owner, Colleen Healey Architecture, Washington, DC

Biophilic Design

“We'll be highlighting more organic materials like plant life, woven grasses, and earthenware in décor, recognizing our innate draw to nature, fresh air, and living things. We've learned to appreciate the outdoors...I think we’ve found a new appreciation for the beauty, color, and life of nature. You don't have to spend a lot of money to add plant life, woven baskets, and pottery to your interiors. This trend requires a little bit of consideration and care, but it can also be a meditative and rewarding process to cultivate living décor.”—Noel Gatts, Principal Designer, beam&bloom, Bloomfield, New Jersey

"Bringing outdoor elements indoors started in commercial spaces when companies began incorporating living walls and rooftop gardens. As we spent more time in our homes [over the last few years], we saw how this trend evolved in the home environment and will continue to do so in 2023. It’s easy to affiliate with nature by adding plants or even a painting that has moss or other living things in it. Plus, doing so enhances both the quality of your life and the quality of your air.”—Sam Tannehill, Principal Designer, Sam Tannehill Designs, New York City, New York

Vintage and Antique Pieces

vintage inspired living room

Erin Williamson

“Heritage pieces of the past will be trending in 2023, coming off the grand-millennial and coastal grandma wave we’ve been seeing. I love incorporating antiques and vintage patterns as they can create a poetic, maximalist feeling while cultivating a sense of charm that other design practices can sometimes lack.”— Emma Kemper, Principal & Owner, Emma Beryl Interiors, Brooklyn, New York

“Supply chain issues over the last few years forced designers to become more resourceful and creative. Scouring auction houses, vintage resellers, and local antique fairs and markets for available inventory and finding unique pieces that are conversation starters and add patina to a home that can’t be achieved with all brand-new furnishings and accessories, will continue to trend in 2023.”— Courtney B. Smith, Principal Designer, Courtney B. Smith Design, Marin County, California 

“If there’s a grandma, there’s a grandchild. Many of my millennial and younger clients love this trend but not the name. It’s not your grandma’s style, it’s not shabby chic, it’s a fresh, young and modern nod to nostalgia that will continue to be big in 2023. Casual and well-loved family heirlooms have a place paired with today’s materials, colors, and patterns.”— Karen B. Wolf, Principal Designer and CEO, Karen B. Wolf Interiors, Short Hills, New Jersey

“Vintage pieces add a sense of heritage, authenticity, and character to a home. More than ever people want to blend aesthetics and adding in a vintage item is one way to achieve that mix. Rather than participating in the fast home furnishings cycle, we’re able to use what already exists and reduce the additional waste that comes along with a new piece like manufacturing, shipping, and packaging materials. Art is the perfect way to tip-toe into integrating vintage. Sites like Etsy, Chairish, and 1st Dibs are great places to get started.”—Julia Miller, Creative Director, Yond Interiors, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hand Crafted Sourcing

“In 2023, we’ll continue to see a heightened interest in hand and locally-made home furnishings and accessories as more and more people look for ways to support makers in their own communities. There will be a greater interest in filling our homes with unique items that are not mass produced, whether you’re sourcing a handmade tile for your bathroom renovation, commissioning a custom dining table constructed from local and sustainable wood, or incorporating artwork made by a local student, this trend can be worked into your home in many ways.”— Georgia Zikas, Principal Designer and CEO, Georgia Zikas Design, West Hartford, Connecticut 

Home Bars

“People have been entertaining family and friends at home [recently] and having a home bar is a personal and fun way to enhance the experience. It can be as easy as setting up a cabinet and shelf or, if you have the space, creating a freestanding bar with stools.”—Mia Jung, Director of Interiors, Ike Kligerman Barkley, New York, New York

Saturated Colors

“We’ve seen bold colors such as jewel tones step up in a huge way and I think we’ll continue to see these shades take on the role of neutral in a space—rich, saturated colors that make a statement yet allow other elements in the room to shine.”— Marie Cloud, Owner/Principal Designer, Indigo Pruitt design Studio, Charlotte, North Carolina

“When it comes to our 2023 projects, we’re seeing a yearning for a more decadent, collected home with an underlying romanticism. People want to feel something emotional in their spaces and are trending towards saturated colors like deep forest green, rust, rich reddish brown, amethyst, or jewel-toned blue.”— Jen Samson, Principle and Founder, Jen Samson Design, Laguna Beach, California

Pattern Play

bedroom with wallpaper

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Pattern makes a space feel lived in and inviting while providing flexibility for accessorizing. For example, you can display a larger pattern repeat on a focal point like wallpaper, then play off that by adding layers to the room with smaller pattern repeats on things like pillows.”— Hayley English, Founder and Principal Designer, Hayley English Interiors, Pasadena, California

Bold Tile 

“Unique and bold tile will replace wallpaper as the statement piece in powder and mudrooms and around fireplaces and bars in 2023. Especially floor to ceiling tile.”— Evelyn Pierce Smith, Owner and Founder, Evelyn Pierce Design Studio, Washington, DC 

Curved Décor 

“We’ll be seeing a lot more sculptural-looking furniture and décor in 2023, whether that be rounded or angular sofas, tables and chairs in interesting shapes, or smaller pieces of sculptural décor. It’s about furniture that goes beyond function and veers toward artwork.”— Michelle Zacks, Owner/Principal, Michelle Zacks Designs, Brooklyn, New York

Dark Wood

“Light wood has been trending for a long time—it will be refreshing to see a new twist on dark in 2023, especially because it can feel nostalgic and classy. When done well, it can have a commanding yet refined impact on a space. Don't be afraid to go dark, for example, with walnut in kitchen cabinets, vanities, and built-ins."— Ginger Curtis, Owner & Principal Designer, Urbanology Designs, Dallas, Texas.  

Art Deco

“Many elements of the Art Deco style are coming back including colorful pastels, and we’ll continue to see fun and elegant pops of color in things like bathroom tiles and kitchen cabinets. You can add touches of Art Deco through accessories if you don’t want to commit to something bigger and more permanent.”— Tatiana Seikaly, Owner, Studio Seikaly, Miami, Florida

Wellness Décor

living room with natural materials

Brophy Interiors

“Incorporating organic materials such as wood, stone, bamboo, cork, hempcrete, and clay are just a few ways homeowners will be working wellness design into their homes, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle in 2023.”—Laura Brophy, Principal Designer, Laura Brophy Interiors, Newport Beach, California

“Thinking about our homes has changed due to the fact we’re spending more time there. In 2023, people will continue to carve out a separate space to exercise or meditate. We’ll see more basement areas being allocated to small gyms that include things like infra-red saunas.”—Gideon Mendelson, Founder and Creative Director, Mendelson Group, New York, New York

Earthy and Textural Spaces 

“There’s a return to elegant yet relaxed, textural spaces in warm and muted colors. I think this move towards natural and earthy spaces reflect our desire to live authentically and comfortably and really be intentional about what matters most in our lives—simplicity, timelessness, connection, and beauty all come to mind. It's a more understated aesthetic defined by high quality materials, textiles, and craftsmanship.”—Melanie Hay, Founder, Melanie Hay Design, Toronto, Canada

Stone Materials

“Materials like marble, limestone, concrete, travertine, and granite were the building blocks of design inspiration. In 2023, I think we’ll once again see a renewed appreciation for nature's most beautiful materials including split-face travertine, marbles of various colors like deep rich greens, browns, and burgundy, as well as dramatic veining, antiqued textures, and terrazzo. Some easy ways to work the stone trend into your home is by adding a marble bowl to your kitchen or some travertine top side tables to your living room or placing a few stone products throughout your bookshelves.”— Christine Vroom, Founder and Principal, Christine Vroom Interiors, Palos Verdes Estates, California 

Black and White Design

“A bold and character-rich black and white design trend will continue in 2023. For example, black marble fireplaces with white veining, black interior door, and white trim, white walls complimented by noir furniture, and black and white wallpaper and area rugs.”—Tara Paquette, Designer, Aspen & Ivy, Barrie, Ontario, Canada  

Statement Rugs 

statement living room

Dazey Den/Dazey LA

“There’ll always be room for neutral rugs, but I’m loving the shift towards rugs that function as floor art. You can do a statement rug without shelling out a fortune—in 2023, I see more people taking design risks with rugs as they become more art-driven.”—Alex Alonso, Founder and Principal of mr. alex TATE Design, Miami, Florida

Whimsical Details

“Creative and playful details create a way to tell a story in a less serious way. They’re the finishing touches that take the overall design to the next level, including trimmings and tassels, bespoke shades, sink skirts, ruffles, and scallops.”— Hayley English, Founder and Principal Designer, Hayley English Interiors, Pasadena, California

Wrapping Rooms in a Sectional 

“For 2023, it’s all about reimagining a slightly different way of living in your space. Positioning a sectional sofa flat against the wall and lining it all around the room is one way to create a cozy living space, especially if you’ve got a combined dining and living area.”—Eva Bradley, Principal, studioHEIMAT, San Francisco, California

Traditional Design 

“The world is still in need of comfort and nostalgia and traditional design brings to mind a cozy, inviting home. In 2023, we’ll be incorporating traditional design elements sparingly, such as a wingback chair, but updating it in a fabric that feels contemporary.”— John McClain, Owner, John McClain Design, Los Angeles, California and Florida

Colorful and Unique Kitchens

Colorful kitchen

Naked Kitchens

“In 2023, people will be taking risks to make their kitchen a space that reflects their personality. There will be a shift away from white kitchens and towards color and unique style. There are multiple ways to do this that don’t need to be expensive, for example, by simply switching out existing lighting, fixtures, or a backsplash.”— Hema Persad, Principal and Founder, Sagrada Studio, Los Angeles, California