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10 Living Room Trends Designers Have Their Eyes On for 2023

bold, colorful art

Sterling McDavid

As we get closer and closer to 2023, it's only natural to wonder what design styles will reign supreme in living rooms next year. Will we see lighter colors or deeper hues? What types of fabrics and patterns will be absolutely everywhere? We're especially interested in how this affects our living rooms, one of the most prominent spaces in our homes.

To find out what will be trending for living rooms in 2023, we spoke with 10 different interior designers from across the country who weigh in with their predictions. Find out what they think will dominate living room trends in the year to come.

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Unexpected Drapery

bold curtains

Forbes + Masters

Why not go big with your window treatments? "Timeless, unexpected drapery details—like a scalloped detail on a leading edge—will be oh-so-appreciated in 2023," Hallie Henley Sims of Hallie Henley Design shares. Don't be afraid to mix colors, patterns, and styles within one given space to achieve maximum impact.

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Neutrals and Earth Tones

warm neutral room

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you love to keep things warm yet simple, you're in luck, as this aesthetic will be having a major moment in the coming year. "What I'm excited about for 2023 living room trends is seeing more people embrace neutrals, warm, and earth tones," Jasmine Crockett of Joy Meets Home shares. "We're saying goodbye to the all-white/gray spaces and really bringing the cozy and welcoming feel of home inside," she adds. This means we'll be seeing warm woods as well as textured pillows and rugs.

Meghan Basinger of Stevie Interiors agrees. "Warmth and layers aren't going anywhere in 2023," she comments. "You'll continue to see less 'all-white everything' and more natural elements, earthy tones, and layers—from pattern play to draperies—in main gathering spaces."

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Patterns Galore

pattern play in living room

Mary Patton Design

Love pattern play? Keep at it! "We've seen a huge resurgence in the use of pattern, and we foresee pattern continuing to make an entrance in 2023," Julia Miller of Yond Interiors notes. "We find that pattern can be used in a variety of ways, whether it be wallpaper, textiles or rugs."

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Textures in Many Forms

deep walls and textured pieces in living room

Amanda Birnie for Yond Interiors

Patterned pieces aren't the only trend that Miller believes will reign supreme. "We are also seeing textures, in many forms, for 2023," she says. "Texture can come through various means including plastering walls or fireplaces and varying fabrics like linen, mohair, leather, or wool."

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Monochromatic, Colorful Spaces

monochromatic living room

Louis Duncan-He

Bright white has had its moments, but color is the star of the show these days. According to Annie Kersey of Purple Cherry Architects, "We are loving the living room trend of creating monochromatic spaces in rich colors and overall cozier environments, with less emphasis on bright white and open concept spaces."

Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors is ready to see darker spaces in 2023 as well. "The light and bright hygge look is making way for living rooms that are dark and moody," she comments. "Deep, rich colors, historic trim details, and comfortable furnishings make for spaces that are similarly cozy, but offer a little more personality and whimsy."

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Multifunctional Furniture

welcoming living room

Pär Bengtsson for Laura U Design Collective

Laura Umansky of Laura U Design Collective is a proponent of furnishings that can do it all. "The need for multifunctional furniture is felt in every home with growing children, elderly relatives, or frequent visitors," she says. "Our clients are busy, so when they are home they desire to spend time together."

In particular, Umansky is a fan of the artisan's take on game and card tables. "This is the perfect way to balance time between screen time and quality time together in the living room," she explains. "Plus, they are beautifully crafted—not your grandmother's folding table."

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Pops of Art

bold, colorful art

Sterling McDavid

Don't skimp on artwork for the living room, urges Sterling McDavid, who runs an eponymous design firm. She notes, "Art is one of the easiest ways to make a living room space completely unique."

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daybed in living room

Zoe Feldman Design

A daybed in the living room? Why not, says Zoe Feldman of Zoe Feldman Design. "While we tend not to be trend-driven as a rule, an element I continue to embrace in living rooms is incorporating a daybed into the space," she shares. "It’s versatile and helps define a seating area without adding heaviness."

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Entertaining Areas

home bar

Pär Bengtsson for Laura U Design Collective

Umansky says that she is "being asked for separate living areas—one for sitting and conversing and one that is more approachable" and is excited about this approach. "We love incorporating sophisticated bar spaces that connect to the formal living for overflow entertaining space," she adds.

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Turquoise Blue

bar cart with turquoise tray

Jennifer Hunter Design

Love the color turquoise? Jennifer Hunter of Jennifer Hunter Design is a longtime fan of the shade.

"I think we will be seeing a lot more of this playful and bright hue in 2023," she says. "Its versatility allows it to pair lovely with complementary hues such as yellows, greens, and purples—creating a pop of color that feels exciting yet balanced to any space."