3 Creep-Chic Trends You'll Want to Keep After Halloween

This is the season for fun. Whether you're getting in costume or getting your house in full haunted mode, a little dress up never hurt anyone. And while we don't condone wearing your Twerking Bear costume past October 31st, we do encourage giving your décor a more permanent facelift. We've picked three Halloween-inspired styles that will give your home a last-minute boost of spooky spirit and items to go with it that will give your interiors an updated look, guaranteed to stay in style way longer than Miley Cyrus's dance moves. 02
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Skulls & Lightening by Barbara Smith, $1500, Ahalife Voodoo Dolls, From $10, Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo Stag by Peter Carrington, From $20, Mammoth & Company
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Crest Bottle Opener, $60, The Future Perfect Antler Chair, $5800, Ahalife Votives Box Set, $90, Ahalife


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White Rudolf Stingel Plate Edition, $98, Ahalife Lady in Pink, $296, Rockett St. George Paper Chandelier, $3272, Hive Modern
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Rococo Mirror, $595, Jonathan Adler Essey Illusion Table, $290, Metropolitan Decor Lacy Cushion Cover, $18, H&M


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Charleston Bar Cart, Price Upon Request, Alexandra von Furstenberg Skull Head, $34, Nashpop  LED Candelabra, $650, Maison 24
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Neon Yellow Animal Decor, $97, Zookshop Colour Glass, $60, A+R Pendant Light Cord, $25, Color Cord Company
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