3 Ghoulish Punch Recipes for Halloween

Whether they're boo-zy (sorry), or there isn't a ghost of a chance they contain alcohol, super festive drinks are a great way to step up your Halloween party game. To help you on your creepy cocktail mission, we've got some punch recipes that will treat your taste buds and make a spooky statement. Whether you choose to make your beverages adults-only or kid-friendly, read on for a range of crowd-pleasing options, from slightly scary to totally terrifying Halloween punches. 02
tout-03 A tasty drink in a scary setting is a nice compromise for a more adult crowd. Try Honestly Yum's Halloween Pumpkin Punch complete with dry ice smoke for a more refined eerie effect. Click here for the recipe.
tout-01 Can't stop staring? Join the creepy club. Thanks to Happiness Is Homemade all eyes will be on the Spooky Eyeball Punch. Click here for the recipe
tout-02 For a terrifying twist on spiked apple cider, try Martha Stewart's Shrunken Heads in Cider concoction. Click here for the recipe
MVP Instead of stressing about what to serve drinks in, have this party-friendly glassware on hand and focus on keeping your guests' glasses full instead. Libbey Glass Selena Punch Bowl Set, $30, Target
Photographs: 1. HonestlyYUM2. Courtesy of Happinesshomemade.net, 3. Courtesy of Martha Stewart