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This 300-Square-Foot Closet Effortlessly Combines Organization and Style

Walk-In Closet

Although an expansive walk-in closet with custom cabinetry, remote-controlled storage spaces, and flattering LED lights may sound like a far off dream for most of us, it's one that Alle Fister, founder of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness PR firm Bollare, recently achieved.

In order to create a master closet that's as stylish as it is functional, Fister turned to her husband, the founder of construction and development firm One Tuscany Renovation, and father, the owner of custom cabinetry business Wooden Imagination, for help. "This space is the culmination of years of hard work, saving up, and some sweat equity," Fister tells MyDomaine. "Building it with my husband and father is a project and memory I will always treasure," she adds.

The family affair began by digging into a hill located at the rear of the Fister's 1960s fixer-upper located in Playa Del Rey, California. This revealed about 300-square-feet of additional space to be used for the renovated suite that Fister had already been imagining.

"After years of living in the space, I craved a really special closet," she admits. "Because we were going to make a significant investment in this extended project, it also informed our consideration for high-end cabinetry and design, but with a focus on efficiency and function," the businesswoman adds.

Ahead, take a look inside the expansive closet that pairs practicality with style. Whether you're planning your own walk-in closet organization or are just fantasizing about a bigger space to stow your clothes, you'll find plenty of inspiration in this fun, colorful space.

Walk-In Closet
Ryan Garvin

The finished closet contains large walnut wardrobes that expand all the way from the floor to the ceiling in order to maximize every last square inch of the room. However, Fister's favorite aspect is the stone waterfall island at the center of the space. "The peninsula island was designed for more drawers and less height to practically store and access things," she explains. "The stone top doubles as a display and staging space in addition to being a piece of art in itself," Fister adds.

Walnut Wardrobe
Ryan Garvin

It was important to focus on functionality and how to best utilize the size the space, according to Fister. "Even though 300-square-feet seems like a lot, it got used up fast, so we designed for efficiency and using the footprint to the max," she says. This led to her use of smart cabinetry with ample drawers, storage space, and hanging options.

"We designed the closet to be a blend of a chic retreat with space and storage maximization," she says. Thanks to custom natural walnut cabinets (courtesy of her father) there's plenty of room for the founder to store all of her precious belongings. "As a fashion lover, not only are my accessories and clothes what I wear on a daily basis, but also an archive and memory of prideful moments and special celebrations," she points out.

Closet Decorations
Ryan Garvin

Fister's greatest finds for the space were actually technological elements, including LED lights, a neon sign, and moving cabinetry. "Lighting is so key in any space," she says. "We splurged on LED lighting for the rods, under-island, and, of course, in-room ceiling. And a neon sign just for fun," Fister adds.

The design of the closet was also meant to flow with the look of the property as a whole, according to Fister. "The inset design of the cabinetry, clean lines, and Euro-styling are consistent with the architecture of the rest of our home," she points out.

Shoe Shelves
Ryan Garvin

"To maximize space, my dad created some really cool custom features," Fister explains. These include a hidden shoe shelf that operates by remote control, wardrobes designed for single or dual rod hangings, and integrated shelving with multiple levels. "We wanted to create a space where I could see and enjoy all of my fabulous fashion and have fun creating it as a team," she adds.

Flowers and Books
Ryan Garvin 

While the major pieces like the wardrobes, shelves, and stone island clearly take center stage in this luxe closet, small details keep it stylish and personal. "I'm always a sucker for really funky vases. Fresh flowers in a cool vessel make any space instantly cooler," Fister says.

Along with flowers, the closet also includes decorative elements like candles, books, wall art, and wallpaper that contribute to Fister's design style, which she describes as eclectic, colorful, and fun. "It's my '90's Clueless dream come to life," she admits.