Set the Stage for Success With These 5-Minute Morning Routines

When you read about the morning routines of the world's most successful people, your reaction is probably a combination of disbelief and awe. While not all of us possess the superhuman ability to wake up at 3 a.m. and work out, meditate, read the news, make a to-do list, and eat a well-balanced breakfast, you can put your best foot forward each morning in just five minutes. Business Insider recently scoured the Quora thread "What can I do in 5 minutes in the morning to make my whole day better?" and compiled a comprehensive list of the best responses. Keep reading to see how to set a positive tone in the first five minutes of your day. 

Write down three things you're grateful for: "Think about what you already have in your life—don't focus only on material things (such as a car or computer), but rather think in more simplistic or basic terms," like your family or education, suggests Quora user Nela Canovic. The point is to be thankful for the wonderful things you already have, instead of focusing on what's missing.

Exercise: Quora user Minh Kelly suggests five minutes of simple exercise in the morning, like planking or push-ups. Doing so first thing in the morning can actually boost your energy levels and help you lose weight, according to a 2010 research study published in The Journal of Physiology

Make your bed: Though seemingly trivial, making your bed in the morning gives you a small sense of accomplishment that can increase productivity throughout the day. Quora user Raviteja Chiarala also loves coming home to a neatly made bed at the end of the day—something we can definitely get on board with.

How do you start your day off on the right foot in 5 minutes or less? Share your tips below!