50 (Mostly Cheap) Daytime Date Ideas to Change Up Your Going-Out Routine


Kate Ogata

The more I think about it, the more I consider a nighttime date to have a few too many drawbacks. First, it's easy to think about all day (especially if it's the first date). Secondly, choices are limited if one extends past the original plan. And lastly, tiredness can settle in far too quickly after sundown. Sure, we all think that a date has to happen at night, but what if we all decided to date during the day instead?

Daytime dates just seem easier. We have more energy, there are more activities available, and it all feels more casual. Oh, and I should mention they're usually cheaper, too. So in the interest of expanding the rules of the dating game, here are 50 daytime date ideas to do whether you're in a new or a long-term relationship. Hopefully, it'll help you be more creative about romance in the sun.