The Digital Detox Trick That Could Change Your Life

Rituals are important. They ground us. They provide consistency and comfort in a chaos-filled world. But according to Vogue, none of these routines, at least not nightly or first thing, should involve your phone. Could bookending your day with 50-minute digital detoxes free your mind? Holistic healer Luke Simon of Brooklyn’s Maha Rose Center for Healing and motivational speaker/author Richard Brendon say absolutely.

“When you check your phone, you’re checking into the world’s false emergencies,” Burchard says in a video on the subject. “Your inbox is nothing but a convenient system of other people’s agendas. If you jump in there, you’re reacting. Day after day, week after week … your life becomes a life of reaction.”

Maintaining an off-grid status for the first 50 minutes of each morning creates healthy boundaries, allowing you the breathing room and mental clarity to respond versus react.

Burchard goes on to emphasize avoiding all screens pre-bed, as the withdrawal is vital to getting a healthy night’s rest. According to a recent study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, blue light–emitting smartphones, tablets, and laptops upend the body’s “natural circadian rhythms,” thereby disrupting the production of sleep hormone melatonin as well as your REM cycle.

In summary, it’s time to ditch your nightly iPad and HBO entertainment for some good old-fashioned page turning. Get the full story at Vogue.

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