6 Tips for Redecorating a Master Bedroom With Your Plus-One

Updating a space should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Multiply that by two when you share a space with your partner, and the results can be inspiring. Blogger Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That? and her husband, Todd, were in need of an overhaul in their master bedroom—a space they had been putting off redecorating since they got married four years ago. As a starting point, the couple turned to Z Gallerie’s Style Personality Quiz, which helped them learn more about their individual styles.

Samantha’s result was Glamorous Regency, ideal for the person who appreciates Hollywood inspired style and glamour. Her husband’s décor sensibilities fell in the land of Naturally Luxe—which suits someone who enjoys metallic organics and the outdoor-meets-indoor vibe. After taking the quiz and determining their Style Personalities, the next question was how to marry both their aesthetics for a synergistic space.

Take the Z Gallerie Style Personality Quiz and learn more about your personal approach to style. Then keep scrolling for tips for redecorating a bedroom space with your significant other.


The first step in redesigning a shared space is figuring out exactly which room you two spend the most time in, needs the most work, and, finally, is a place where you two can retreat for shared quality time.


“The one room that has remained stagnant over the years is our bedroom,” Samantha noted. “Besides new drapes, it’s gone unchanged for the most part until recently.”

Narrowing in on pieces that fit both of your aesthetics is an easy way to prevent potential issues down the line. Find something you both love right away? Invest in it like the Wennerstroms did with the sleek Gunnar Chair for its modern and clean lines.


“This chair was one of the pieces that Todd and I both loved right away,” Samantha mentioned. “It marries both of our styles and functions as a place to put my bag and shoes at the end of the day.”

Hoarding objects next to your bedside is a big mistake, especially if you two are looking to make this space your sanctuary. This applies to any side table—keep it neat to ensure your space remains aesthetically pleasing and calming.


“My previous bedside table was notoriously filled with clutter. This one is functional yet doesn’t allow that accumulation of stuff,” Samantha said. “Plus I’m crazy about the design and how I can keep a book or two on the bottom.”

Each of you will gravitate toward different pieces, and the best way to bring these preferences into the same space is to meet in the middle. Compromise on smaller accessories; you’ll be surprised at how well the individual vibes meld in the redecorated room.


“There were some things that Todd really loved and others that I knew right away I had to have,” Samatha noted. “This Calcite Geode on top of the Lucite Tray works so well and feels like his style while still speaking to my glamorous side.”

If your shared space feels cramped, or the hardwood is in need of a refresh, the easiest way to add dimension is with a dynamic statement rug. Not only will help expand a smaller space, but it will also add some personality that fits you and your partner’s style.


“The Montara rug really helped, as it added just enough dimension to the room and eliminated the yellow tones in the floors,” says Samantha.

Consider adding a dramatic mirror to your space. Not only does it add depth and dimension to any room, regardless of size, but it also works as an alternative to a framed work of art.


“Before redesigning the room, I had a tiny little mirror on top of the dresser," Samantha mentioned.  “Having this giant one has been amazing, plus it opens up the space in such a great way.” 

Do you know what your design style is? Make sure to take the Z Gallerie Personality Style Quiz to find out and get personalized product recommendations tailored to your taste.