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20 Interior Design Trends From the '70s That Are Totally Groovy Today

Retro living room

Dani Nagel

There's something incredibly charming and uplifting about '70s-era decor styles. From cheery colors to bold, eye-catching prints, the decade was a truly remarkable one for home décor. With the rise of maximalism and eclectic style, there are so many looks from the hippie age that we can't get enough of today.

While an overdose of nostalgia can sometimes border on kitsch, just the right amount of psychedelic inspiration is a great way to bring some offbeat visual interest to your home. Plus, the '70s brought us a wide array of décor styles to pick from. Whether boho and rattan are your thing or you're into florals and fun patterns, there's a look to suit nearly any space.

We round up some of our favorite '70s design ideas and asked an interior designer to weigh in on how to bring this look into your own home. Read on for inspiration to create a groovy space in your own home.

Meet the Expert

Dani Dazey is the owner and designer behind art apparel line Dazey LA and is a self-taught artist, muralist, graphic designer, fashion designer, interior designer, and photographer.

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A Bold Front Door

House with bright front door

Dani Nagel

Sometimes, the easiest way to introduce a new décor style to your home is to start small. If you're toying with adding '70s flair to your space, consider starting with the front door. A punchy color like orange or red is a great choice to spruce up your exterior and give it a healthy dose of color.

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A Groovy Couch

Orange couch in living room

Dani Nagel

Dazey decorated a Palm Springs midcentury home with bold colors and '70s-inspired prints, but still kept it modern by focusing on clean lines and a healthy balance of retro and modern.

Some easy ways to introduce the look into your home? "Pattern play and maximalism was everything in the '70s," Dazey says. Go for it—pick the bold couch or the spunky chairs and make a splash.

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Mixing and Matching Patterns

Living room with bold wallpaper

Dani Nagel

One of Dazey's favorite ways to draw on the maximalist look is by "mixing wallpaper and fun floors." As long as you find coordinating colors, try mixing bold patterns to achieve an eclectic look at home.

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Cheery Bathroom Colors

Yellow bathroom

Dani Nagel

It's essential to make sure your '70s vibes don't feel like Grandma's basement den. The best way to mix in retro style is to choose patterns that are vintage-inspired but with a modern take so they feel fresh, according to Dazey.

Lithographs or a mod-inspired curtain work best if other parts of the room feature more modern accents for the perfect balance.

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Rich Colors

A bold mural in a living room

Dani Nagel

If you've never experimented with orange or yellow, now is your chance. There are endless colors that go with orange, but sometimes the most eye-catching look pairs opposite colors to create a lot of visual interest.

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Lots of Wicker

Large peacock chair

Dani Nagel

If you've browsed Facebook Marketplace lately you've probably seen endless listings for rattan and wicker furniture. This neutral material offers a breezy, laid-back vibe that really channels the grooviness of the 70s.

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Introducing Macrame

Bedroom with macrame

K Shan Design

This is not your Grandma's macrame. The crafty hand-knotted look is back and it's a great way to fill the space behind a bed, couch, or on the back of a door. If you're crafty you can learn to macrame yourself, but you can also find many beautiful designs on Etsy and other retailers.

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Shelf Décor

Built-in bookcases with objects

K Shan Design

One of the best ways to channel a former decade in your home décor is by displaying your family treasures straight from that decade. Dig through mom's closet to find trinkets and knick-knacks to style the perfect '70s shelf.

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Rattan Bar Carts

Rattan bar cart

K Shan Design

No entertaining space is complete without a bar cart, but consider swapping that modern glass or metal one for a tiki-inspired rattan cart. Rattan works wonderfully with so many decor styles, including mid-century modern and Scandinavian.

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Palm Patterns

Bedroom with palm designs

K Shan Design

We love a good palm print, and it's easy to see why. Palm is a great pattern to add a touch of fun to any space but doesn't feel kitsch or overly vintage. The lovely greens also add a lot of depth to even the smallest of spaces.

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Psychedelic Designs

Kitchen with wild wallpaper

KTII Design

On the other hand, if you want to really channel the '70s, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Opt for more psychedelic designs with a variety of colors and shapes to create a lot of interest. To avoid a bold pattern taking over a space, stick with a smaller accent wall to start.

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Bright Appliances

Kitchen with pastels

White Sands Design/Build

If a pastel toaster reminds you of your granny's kitchen, it's time to think again. Today's colorful appliances are a lovely mix of modern and vintage-inspired and are perfect for adding a pop of color to your white witchen.

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Room with velvet pink chair

Reena Sotropa

According to Dazey, mixing in a few maximalist elements into your home is a great way to get a modern look with a retro vibe.

Look for chunky furniture and don't be afraid to layer.

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Add Floor Pillows

Room with floor pillows

Reena Sotropa

Add extra seating in even the smallest of rooms by throwing a few floor pillows on the ground and cozying up with your loved ones. We love velvet because they are easy to clean and hide dirt and grime easily.

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Terrazo table


There was a time when terrazzo was everywhere. Though we don't see it as frequently used today as we did fifty years ago, we love mixing this speckled material into kitchens, bathrooms and accessories for a load of texture and interest.

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Chunky Accessories

Chunky vase

Home by Polly

Instead of relying on streamlined, minimal objects to decorate your home, opt for maximalist pieces instead. Pick large, chunky vases or bookends to give your room a lot of extra interest.

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Hanging Chairs

Hanging wicker chair

JSW Landscapes & Design

The '70s were all about embracing your inner child and thinking outside the box. Though you can always hang your rattan swing on a screened-in porch, consider bringing the swing indoors for a groovy look that will definitely start conversations.

Before you hang anything from your ceiling, make sure you've located studs and ensured they can support the weight of the chair.

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Retro Patterns

Bathroom with retro pattern

Thomas Guy Interiors

The best '70s patterns included a lot of geometric shapes and repetition. We love the idea of introducing these fun patterns into your home using more subdued colors for the perfect blend of retro and modern.

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Shag Everything

Shag pillows on a chair

Thomas Guy Interiors

Though wall-to-wall shag carpet may not be a trend we're ready to bring back, we love shag accessories. From faux fur pillows to shaggy area rugs, layering a lot of texture is a great way to create depth in any room.

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The Linoleum Look

Bathroom with starburst tile

Thomas Guy Interiors

If you've ripped out old linoleum in your home before, you may be surprised to hear we're suggesting you bring it back. But, we don't mean the linoleum of your childhood. Instead, look for tiles that channel the fun graphic nature of the '70s linoleum floor without all of the peeling and fading.