How the 9/11 Memorial Makes Sure Victims' Birthdays Are Never Forgotten

Updated 09/11/17
Andrew Burton

On September 11 of each year, we pause as a nation to remember the lives of those lost in the devastating terrorist attacks. But as NY1 reports, a smaller, more personal kind of remembrance takes place at the 9/11 memorial every day. Employee Sean Evans, who was in college on Long Island when the attacks took place and whose father got out of the towers safely, places a single white rose on the name of every victim who would be celebrating a birthday.

"It was something subtle, something poignant. Just a small gesture just to remind visitors that these victims had lives, they had birthdays just like us," said Evans to the news outlet. "These are four binders of names, of people. These were people … you're looking and you realize that with each name there's a whole lifetime of memories, friends, family."

Evans starts his morning by flipping through these massive binders—which house the names of over 2983 people—and places a white rose on each name. The roses are provided by Michael Collarone, a TriBeCa florist who watched the attacks from his shop. "I can recall every second that happened from both planes going in to both buildings coming down," Collarone said. "[The flowers] honor the victims. I don't think you can ease the pain of loss, but at least [visitors] know that they're being thought of."

Head over to NY1 for the full story.

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