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A Cleaning Appliance as Chic as Your Decor

Your home cleaning tech should stand out for the right reasons

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Advancements in technology have opened up some great new doorways for smart home cleaning systems. But, a lot of smart home cleaning vacuums stand out against the well-thought-out design of your home. While they might be useful for their features, oftentimes they turn the heads of visitors, but not for the right reasons. 

As technology advances, so have the devices that we rely on each day. When the first robovac appeared in 1996, it was a novel appliance. The first robovacs worked well enough but had issues colliding with objects. Then, innovations in the robovac market led to smart vacuums that could detect items around them. And now, as the years have progressed, companies like Roborock have moved beyond offering those simple advancements, to create entire cleaning systems that maintain themselves and are designed to fit seamlessly into your home, allowing you to ditch your ugly old-fashioned cleaning tools and enjoy your free time without stressing about keeping the floors clean.

But Roborocks latest smart vacuums do more than just get the job done and look good doing it. The designers behind Roborock’s smart docks sweated all the details. Water tanks are optimized for high capacity storage, and the filtration system is designed to keep all the water going into your smart vacuum as clean as possible. Additionally, different docks come with different feature sets, so you can find one that gives you the most features or offers the smallest footprint, allowing you to design a custom home cleaning system that does everything you need.

designed to fit in

Designed To Fit In

Most cleaning tools just don’t look very appealing. That’s always been a sad fact of the cleaning world. But, with the advancements we’ve seen from smart home tech companies like Roborock, the distance between design and functionality is closing drastically. Roborock continues to lead the closing of this gap, with some fantastically designed cleaning systems that look just as good as they work.

A lot of thought goes into the design and look of your home. From choosing the perfect paints to finding the living room furniture that fits in perfectly with the color of the walls, it’s a delicate dance of balancing elegance and design. So, why should buying a smart home cleaning system be any different?

With Roborock’s S7 series, you can equip your home with powerful, seamless smart home tech that will turn heads because of how well it fits into your home decor. Not only is the device easy to set up, but Roborock has also designed it to fit in, no matter where you plan to put it. Its compact and elegant design means it feels right at home in your living room, laundry room, or even tucked into the corner of the dining room. Plus, equipping your home with a Roborock smart vacuum means equipping your cleaning routine with a system that earned the 2021 Red Dot award for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

And, because it’s equipped to work on any surface you put it on, you can set your Roborock robot vacuums up anywhere in the house.

no more sacrifices

No More Sacrifices

Getting a great home cleaning system used to mean sacrificing looks for functionality. But, when you spend hours planning and designing your home’s decor, you don’t want to throw everything off by tossing in an ugly smart home cleaning system. Instead, you want something that looks good in your home and doesn’t require you to pay much attention to it, truly allowing it to blend into the decor just like anything else.

With the Roborock S7 series, you’ll never have to sacrifice looks for functionality ever again. These elegant and thoughtfully designed vacuum and mopping systems come equipped with all the features your home needs to keep it clean, all while looking great at the same time.

The design of the Roborock S7 means it will never clash with any other decor in your home, whether the walls are brightly colored or toned down to give a darker, moodier look. 

Your Roborock smart home cleaning appliances won’t fold your laundry and put it away. But, the devices will eliminate one of the most tedious and time-consuming household tasks that families everywhere fight with on a daily basis: keeping your home’s floors as clean as possible. Thanks to a suite of smart vacuums and mops, Roborock can help you optimize the amount of time you spend cleaning and maintaining your smart home cleaning devices as much as possible.

Any smart vacuum out there can clean up dust and pet dander from your floors. But, many of them require you to clean out the dustbin yourself, releasing much of that dust and pet dust back into the air, or even worse, into your body’s respiratory system. With Roborock’s smart vacuum’s, though, you can take advantage of self-sealing dust backs that are TUV Rheinland Allergy Care-certified, capturing 99.5% of all particles before they can escape back into the air. And, because Roborock smart vacuums empty their own dustbin, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the mess every time it needs to be emptied. 

And, because the entire system is so small, you can easily meld it into your decor if you want. Hide it behind planters, furniture, or other pieces that help your home stand out, while also keeping your dirty little secrets out of sight and out of mind.

Tired of dealing with gross mop heads and outdated cleaning tools? Learn more about Roborock’s innovative cleaning products and say goodbye to the hassle of keeping your floors clean.