A Guide to the Perfect Picnic

Few things are so life-affirming as a well-executed picnic: the combination of fresh air with a thoughtfully sourced culinary feast and a well-placed game moment (paddle tennis anyone?) is the stuff that Super-8-worthy memories are made of. And with the summer months upon us, there's no time like the present to make sure you are prepared when the perfect meadow, patch of sand, or forest clearing presents itself. So we've put together a well-edited mix of accessories to take your alfresco meal to the next level, from eco-friendly utensils for your spread, to Steven Alan's Platonic ideal of a picnic blanket, to Fuji's Instant Camera--to capture the moment for posterity. domaine-picnic-essentials-title-02
picnic12 picnic9 picnic
 Pioneer Picnic Basket, $130, Modern Furniture Warehouse Vino Basket, $64, Amazon  Gray Willow Picnic Basket, $20, World Market 
picnic5 picnic6 picnicblanket
 European Picnic Blanket, $49, Williams Sonoma Juniper Picnic Blanket, $45, Crate & Barrel  Striped Picnic Blanket, $110, The New Domestic
picnic3 picnic4 picnic2
 Out and About Utensil Travel Set, $16, Joanne Hudson  WASARA Kaku Plate, From $6, Branch Home   Go Anywhere Glass, From $13, Govino Wine
picnic7 picnic11 picnic10
 Stelle Audio Pillar, $349, Stelle Audio   Fuji Instant Camera, $100, Urban Outfitters  Beer Bottle Opener iPhone 5 Case, $15, DH Gate 
picnic14 picnic1 picnic8
Beach Tennis Set, $140, Fredericks & Mae   Akiko Petanque Set, $199, Danish Design Store   Carbon Butterfly, $180, Microflight 
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